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2005 CBR 600 Geometry

Started by slowhonda, June 17, 2006, 12:43:26 PM

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Tried a search, but wasn't find the right info. Is there any consensus on ride height for a 2005 600RR? I am running the front forks at the first ring on the forks barely showing and a penske double in the rear at the lowest setting. Front forks have been rebuilt with .95 springs and penske internals. Bike is very stable and drives out of the corners well but would like a little quicker turnin. Figured I'd ask and see what everyone else prefers prior to making adjustemnts. Thanks


I can't speak yet to the '05 CBR (I'll get mine on the 07/22) but my '03 was running all stock suspension components. Maybe you can derive something form my '03 setup?

I ran .95/1.0 springs in the front with oil level of 105mm (springs installed). I adjusted the fork tubes to stick out 8mm above the tripple. I was mostly running Motegi and Tsukuba Circuit in Japan. I usually adjusted 1 or 2 clicks Ten and Comp up for Motegi (surface was smooth, track layout was stop-and-go but smooth surface). Tsukuba was a shorter more technical course with lower top speeds.

I'm looking forward to dealing with the '05 suspension components as they are supposed to be much better (USD forks and all) than the '03.

I'd be interested in hearing some additional '05 setup notes like gearing options.



 Hey Rich, nice site, what's up with your brother Ed? Does he ride BMW's with that gear?


Setups are a lot like methods for picking up chicks...  What works for one may not for another, and if I find one that works GREAT, there's no way in hell I'm sharing...

The piece I will share with you is that you'll do well to work with a reputable suspension tuner and you will do even better to keep meticulous notes...
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