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Board suggestion and issue

Started by Woofentino Pugrossi, April 26, 2006, 03:02:54 AM

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Woofentino Pugrossi


Might want to have a section for board issues and suggestions incase someones having an issue.

BTW also when I tried tochange my sig a little, when I clicked change it went to a page not found screen. Happened on both laptop and desktop.
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The only issue with that is most often when people are having issues, they can't log on, etc.  If they can't log on, they can't post so the section would not really function 100%.

I have seen a touch of erratic behavior from the forum which I did not expect, but most of it clears up on a subsequent attempt or after a clearing of cache/cookies.

If you do have problems though, you can always email me at, just understand right now I'm still working on the forum and am getting a LOT of emails for suggestions/requests/passwords/issues, so it may take a day or two to reply.

Thanks Rob.

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Just wondering if anyone else is still having the problem, I just tried again no luck. Also, the page refreshing works different from the old board, you used to be able to jump to a page and it would be refreshed already, just wondering if this is also an issue for anyone else too. Thanks.  ;D


Also, it seems when you use the quick reply it takes you out of the thread you replied in back to the top of the forum...


I can modify the quick reply attributes to keep you in the thread you just replied to, but this did not seem to be a popular choice among members on other forums which I have.  Alternatively, I believe you may be able to alter this on your own user level under profile options. 

Suzy, I'm not sure what you are referring to when you talk about page refreshing.  Every time you click the mouse, any page retrieved is dynamic.  It's built based on what you click, so I don't know how it can't be the absolute latest possible version.

The profile modification thing, I don't know.. . Again, I opened a bug but I don't know how soon it will be looked at.  If it's that crucial, you can remove your user and recreate it.  The problem only existed with the migrated users.  (and if post count is that big of a deal, just keep track of what you had and let me know and I can change it).
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[X] Get banned from Wera forum
[  ] Walk the Great Wall of China
[X] Visit Mt. Everest

Eric Kelcher

Problem I had was my user name was first name (space) last name on the new board it is first name (underscore) last name. Drove me bonkers trying to figure that out till Jeff pointed out the underscore.
Eric Kelcher
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I am having a problem now putting my avatar in.  After I load it, hit the profile change button, it goes to a blank white page. Thanks for more help. ;D