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Health-insurance discrimination against motorcyclists

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Health-insurance discrimination against motorcyclists
« on: April 25, 2006, 11:11:36 pm »
Dear AMA Member –
Let me begin by saying “thank you” for your previous support of the American Motorcyclist Association’s government relations efforts. With your help we have secured many successes on behalf of American motorcyclists over the last few years.  I am writing you today seeking information that will help us in our political efforts. As you may know, we are currently supporting legislation in the U.S. Congress that will end health-insurance discrimination against motorcyclists once-and-for-all. I hope that you will be able to relay to me your story if you, or someone you know, was denied health-care payments due to a motorcycle-related injury. I am particularly interested in cases that fall outside the employer-provided health care plans, meaning those cases affecting the self-insured. Currently, U.S. law states that while an employer cannot exclude you from health-care coverage, they can deny you medical reimbursement payments due to the fact that the injury happened on a motorcycle. The purpose of the legislation we support is to end this discrimination and allow riders to get the medical payments necessary to them under their given medical plans. Thanks so much for your help, and please let me know if you have a story to tell. Any information you relay to me will be kept in confidence and not used for dissemination purposes.

Best Regards,
Peter G. Nonis, Senior Legislative Assistant
AmericanMotorcyclistAss ociation
rights. riding. racing.
101 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Suite 800 West
Washington, DC 20001
202.742.4304 (f)

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