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Bridgestone Trackside Support 2006 CCS Midwest

Started by citygarage, April 25, 2006, 06:39:36 PM

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For those of you who are interested, City Garage Racing of St. Louis is now an authorized Bridgestone Race Tire distributor.  Bridgestone has asked us to provide trackside support for the CCS Midwest region at the following tracks:  Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Autobahn CC, Gingerman Raceway.  Please contact us Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (central time) if you have any questions, or special requests.  Thanks, and we'll see you at the track.

City Garage
1609 N. 14th St.
St. Louis, MO 63106
(314) 588-0555


And if you haven't tried bridgestones, you SHOULD!  You will be surprised. 
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I have been contimplating changing over to the stones from the dunlops.  What is the price for 120/190 slicks 17"  and how do they compare to the dots?