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Started by Go GODSpeed, April 08, 2006, 08:19:26 AM

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Go GODSpeed

Looking for someone who has installed an STM slipper on an 03,04, or 05 R6.

I just completed installation of mine and would like to compare notes a bit cuz one thing was a bit strange.  In the owners manual for the bike, it shows the first plate in the pack is a slightly thicker separator plate.  But with the slipper clutch, the inner hub lifts off the back plate of the basket and introduces a gap beneath that last sep. plate.  The first time I installed I put this plate in the stock location and it ended up slipping between the inner hub and the back of the basket when the hub lifted off.  So I disassembled and moved that first (thicker) plate from the first plate to the last plate in the stack.  This makes it so the plate in the lift off area of the inner hub is a clutch plate (piloted to the outer basket).  This will prevent it from slipping into the gap.  This seems to be a workable solution but I am concerned about the heat distribution in the pack now.

Has anyone else noticed this tendency and if so what did you do about it?

Go GODSpeed



Start with a steel instead of a fiber, then double up steels in the middle of the clutch pack.....

I've install alot of them....

Go GODSpeed

In the original clutch pack, the inner most plate was a steel ending with the outer most plate being fiber.  What I did is I started the pack (inner most plate) with a fiber, then doubled up a set of steels in the middle of the pack and ended the pack (outer most plate) with a fiber.  That way I've got a fiber on both ends of the pack in the lift off area.  This puts a fiber in both of the lift off areas, ensuring that the steel separator plates don't fall in the lift off gaps.

Jenkins... Is that what you describe in the previous post?  Is there ever an issue with heat disapation through the clutch pack by moving the plates around?


Yes, that is what I was describing. There are no problems with that setup as far as heat.  You might find that you go thru clutches on a regular basis until you figure out the perfect pack thickness through trial and error.