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GSXR front on SV650?

Started by opie158, April 06, 2006, 06:21:51 PM

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Any SV racers out there have an '01 GSXR front end with Attack tripples on there 1st gen. bike? If so, how much fork protrusion do you have? Anyone have any idea what it should be with this setup?     ??? Thanks for any help!          


I just changed out my 01 SV front end for a 01 GSXR 600 front end with stock triples.  I set the tops of the fork tubes at the top of the triples.  Works like crap right now.  I have to experiment a little more.  I basically dropped the front end about 1" by doing this and the set up is not that great right now.  I have been told I should raise the front end about 6 mm (drop the fork tubes in the triples) and see what happens.  Keep posting if you find a good set up.



Are you useing the stock GSXR tripels??? If you are, I hear thats a bad set up. It makes the bike change the rake and trail. The bike wont handle right. The Attack tripples put the front axel right where Suzuki intended it to be, so the bike will still maintain its factory geometry.  


I am using the stock triples.  Thanks for the advice.  I am going to try and move the forks around I may have to change the triples.


I used 96-99 750 SRAD triples with 00-03 brakes, forks, wheel and 05 fender.  The SRAD triples let you keep your steering stops and the neck lock is an easy fit.  It also makes mounting the stock gauge cluster easy.  

You need to machine the lip off the axle nut or use SRAD axle & wheel.  You also need to shim the calipers.