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f4i catch can...

Started by endoracing, March 24, 2006, 03:53:35 PM

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I am trying to get my bike to where it would be approved for the catch can rules and I have no idea where I can mount the catch bottle.

I have an f4i and the hotbodies body work doesn't leave much room anywhere to hide a can. Does anyone who rides a f4i have an idea of how to either mount a can or route the breather tubes in a way that would be legal?

Any advice is appreciated.

Super Dave

Under the gas tank above the transmission?

There's never much space.  

Maybe someone that has one might respond.
Super Dave


What are you catching?  The crankcase breather should already be routed to the airbox which has no drain hose...

The coolant overflow hose, fuel overflow hose and fuel vent hose do not need to be routed to a catch can.
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thanks, I will take a look, that sounds right...