Ducati ST2

Started by dave_anderson, March 13, 2006, 06:32:04 PM

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Need help from the ducati guys. I was riding the bike to work today and it just stopped running like you hit the kill switch. I was going 70 at the time, it was/has been running great! The fuel pump is working.


 a.  Sidestand kill switch? I had an ST4s that at times would not start, even with sidestand up. Evoluzione makes a replacement part for about $35.

b. Had you just fuelled up? You may have gotten a load of water from your gas up, which will at times fill the fuel filter and cause shut down. ( Had this happen in middle of bum cluck nowhere northern Wisconsin with zero BMW knowledge-r11gsa)

  Another common problem with these is just plain old electrical gremlins. Lift tank and go through the connections one at a time. Clean connection if corroded and put a coat of dialectic tune up grease on male and female parts, re-connect.  

Any luck?