Brake Pads - EBC vs. Vesrah?

Started by aberg12012, March 06, 2006, 12:25:22 PM

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I ordered a set of Vesrah pads through my local shop, unfortunately they ended up being back ordered till June???  I'm assuming EBC "HH" pads are the other big choice?  Is there any major difference between the two?  (Probably a Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge type of debate?)



Did you try any of the following sources for Vesrah Brake pads:

MD Racing
Lithium Motorsport
Baker Race Gear

The good RJL or Super RJL pads are not sold through Parts Unlimited.
Matt Drucker
MD Racing


Though I've never used Vesrah pads, I have used the double H's extensively.  They are excellent pads and take whatever abuse you can dish out without fade.  They bite very predictably, lap after lap.

I think most top of the line pads are good, probably kind of like debating who makes the best motor oil.  If you can't get the Vesrahs, you'll be happy with the EBC's.
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Thanks for info.  I'm stopping in to the shop tomorrow to figure things out.  I'm not sure if they were ordering through P.U. or not, but when the shop went to call in the order to which ever distributor, they were told they are on back order with an ETA of like June.  If I can't get the SRJL's I'll go with the "HH" pads through EBC.  I assume both pads have a progressive feel, and are comparable as far as longevity?


Try carbone lorraine pads very progressive pad and they feel great from the first time you put them in until the backing plate is rubbing on the disc.  EBC's (in my opinion) have good bite for the first race and fall off pretty fast after that and have a wooden feel after a weekend.


I would agree with Jason on this...

The CL pads are the most consistent pads I've ever felt in my life...  
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Super Dave

Agreed on the wooden part for EBC's.  Super RJL's are great.  Heard great things about CL's.  Will be racing with DP Brakes racing compound again for 2006.  We won an endurance championship on them a few years back, and we're making the return.  DP's should be easy to source though Parts Unlimited from your dealer.

Super Dave


if you guys had the choice between vesrah, CL, EBC, Performance frisction, Galfer... which pad whould you choose?  

performance wise not price wise...


Vesrah SRJL $$$$$, but I haven't tried Galfer

Rick Beggs

i hate to dis a company that is so involved in roadracing like EBC, but i think they need to do more testing, they used to be the best, but now
ferodo, perf friction, braking and vesra are the best i have used, they all have availability problems except perf friction, they all work well, and last great too
be sure you get the race compound of whatever you choose
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thanks rick..... appreciate the help... seems like everyone say to steer clear of EBC... even their kit pads?  I heard they are good but cant seem to find any info on them..

Where can i get vesrah pads the srjl 8's or 17's?  I tried doing a search but they dont seem to be readily abailable... could be me though...


Ok I am a stocking dealer for the VEsrah race pads. I order regularly.
I do have a few models of SRJL's in stock.. Namely right now R6/R1 and GSXR I mostly have RJL pads though.

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Sorry, I just could not resist the ambulance chasing on this one.

Matt Drucker
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