Merrill Resigns from AMA

Started by Super Dave, February 28, 2006, 10:08:22 AM

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Super Dave

Super Dave

Scotty Ryan

Dave, what effect if any do you see this having on not only the AMA but also professional racing as a whole in this country?

Hope i'm not opening a can of worms here ???
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Super Dave

Not sure.  But Merrill has been with the AMA for a long time.  He was always good to me.  It's interesting.  

I remember well the changes in AMA racing in 1994.  Was really strange to deal with all kinds of people that seemed to have no clue who we were.  A few people were familiar...anyway, it's interesting.
Super Dave


BAM!!! WOW!!! For sure, wrenched for JK, RM, and the King himself. Dang, what a resume. Wonder where he'll go now. Work with Kenny again...?


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Can't say I'll miss him........Don't really think a lot of people will. His ego gets in the way of a lot of his decisions.

He and his ego are the single reason we lost AMA sanctioned flat track races at Plymouth Fairgrounds on the Pro weekend at Road America. Maybe now we'll get them back.

Super Dave

Ah, motorcycle racing IS full of it not?  LOL!

Will replacements be better or worse?  I don't know.  I don't know if anyone knows.  
Super Dave


Characters I can handle a**holes I can't and he was becoming a giant one.