Barber Gearing anyone????

Started by Scotty Ryan, February 27, 2006, 11:16:33 PM

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Scotty Ryan

Going down this coming weekend, and I haven't ridden the track..Just wondering if anyone could shoot me some info, right now i'm going down with a shot in the dark -  considering I haven't had the new R6 on ANY track yet... Maybe if anybody has what gearing they run at one track(let's say Blackhawk) versus Barber, just for comparison that would be helpful as well...
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Super Dave

Barber isn't a "big" track.  At Blackhawk I run 15/49 or something.  I think the external sprocket sizes are the same on the '06 vs the previous '03-'05 models.  
Super Dave


On my SV I ended up using my Blackhawk gearing. I would start with that and change if needed.
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I ran a 15/49 there last year on my R6. I would assume the 06 model would be about the same :)


.. Turned high 33s'-mid 34s in August and i ran 15/46 with my 116link bike and 16/49 with my 118link chain bike. Axle way back. Only use 2nd,3rd and 4th gear as well. This was on my 03and 04 R6. THe 05 is the same.
The 2006 however.. will require bigger rear sprockets if my thinking is correct. Remember, you will need to have 1,000-2000 higher RPM to have the same power as the lower reving 03-05r6. I could be all wrong however.
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Super Dave

I think the internal ratios are different on the new R6.  I think the output speed at the countershaft will be the same at actual red line, even though the redlines are different.  

I can't say for sure, but I remember looking at the gearbox ratios, reduction, etc.

I think someone said that the 03-05 sprockets are the same as the 06 sprockets?  Can anyone confirm?
Super Dave