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Brembo- which brake fluid?

Started by boingmotorsports, February 21, 2006, 03:11:07 PM

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I just installed a Brembo master and need to know what type of fluid I should run. Do I have to run somthing special? DOT3? DOT4? Thanks
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DOT4 RBF600 works real well. also there is this blue stuff that I can't remember that a lot of car guys run that I want to try. Supposed to have a higher tolerance for water absorbion(sp?)


Should be compatible with any DOT 3 or 4 or 5.1 brake fluid. It may not be compatible with DOT 5.

Castrol SRF is the best brake fluid I have found. Yes it is expensive, but its properties far exceed other DOT 3,4 especially wet boiling point.

I purchase mine from Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies, they are located in New Berlin WI and generally have it in stock.
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Thanks guys - can't put a price on peace of mind
2009 ZX6R Boing! Motorsports #711 CCS Midwest