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2005  R6 Slip clutch????

Started by roadracerchicago, February 03, 2006, 03:31:49 PM

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I looking for a slip clutch and I would like to find out what brand is the best for racing on a R6, 2005.


The yoyodyne is inexspensive ( comparatively speaking) and not very complicated piece. easy to install

The stm is a nicer piece, a little more complicated to install. a little more expensive.

The both function similarly by ramping up ( slipping) using steel balls that go up a ramp to disengage.

Both seem to work well with no complaints.

You can call me at the shop if you want some pricing

(309) 526-3246
Matt Drucker
MD Racing


If you have any questions, give Rob a call at Lithium Motorsports (712) 546-7747.  He can get you the STM or yoyodyne. I have personally run the STM for several years with zero problems...........really nice piece.