BRG/Midwest Axxion Center trackside support Dates

Started by BRG, December 08, 2002, 12:39:05 PM

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Baker Race Gear/Midwest Axxion Center tentative 2003 trackside suspension support dates. Any Q's please E-mail

Apr. 4-6 BHF CCS
Apr. 25-27 RA CCS
May 3-4 Brainerd CRA
May 9-11 BHF CCS
May 16-18 Gingerman CCS
May 23-25 Motorplex CCS FUSA
May 30-June-1 BHF CCS
June 5-8 RA AMA
June 13-15 Gateway CCS
June 21-22 Brainerd CRA
June 26-29 Brainerd AMA
July 4-6 Motorplex CCS
July 18-20 BHF CCS
July 24-27 Mid-Ohio AMA
Aug. 8-10 RA CCS FUSA
Aug. 15-17 Barber CCS
Aug. 22-24 BHF CCS
Sept. 5-7 BHF CCS
Sept. 12-14 Gateway CCS
Sept. 26-28 Gingerman CCS
Oct. 3-5 Gateway CCS

Other events may be added on open weekends if they become available or are requested.

Thanks and good luck in 2003!
Brian Baker
Baker Race Gear/Midwest Axxion Center


BRG/Midwest Axxion Center will also be at all VRS classes!

* New to our service will be a MIG welding service for all repairs.

Brian Baker :o

Woofentino Pugrossi

So if I bring my forks in you can redo them over the weekend?

So how much to redo a set of YZF750R's forks? ;D
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Yes, I can do them right at the track. What year is the bike? Then I can give you the info.


Super Dave

Didn't they only have the YZF750's for a few years?  Like 1994 to 1997?
Super Dave


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TRAXXION DYNAMICS, INC. is proud to announce a CASH PAYING NATIONAL CONTINGENCY PROGRAM!!!  OVER $200,000 AVAILABLE!!!  No suspension company in history has ever dared to give so much back to the racing community!!!
Traxxion, in conjunction with Axxion Centers, Inc. will post $170,000 in CASH (yes, spendable US currency, not funny money...) and $40,000 in Championship Certificates for their customers during the 2003 racing season.  FUSA and CCS Racers will be able to compete for $125K worth of awards, and WERA National and WERA Sportsman Racers will compete for $85K worth of prizes.
Eligibility Requirements:
1.  Racers must purchase one New Aftermarket Racing Shock  and one set of  Axxion Valve Kitted Forks at retail price.  (No discounts or dealer pricing available).  This purchase will be eligible for two years of contingency.
2.  Fill out one time application and submit copy of receipt of purchase of the above.
3.  Display Traxxion decals on both fork lowers.  No Exceptions Made.
4.  List Traxxion as an official sponsor on all entries and media related materials.
5.  Riders will be eligible for cash in one region per set of suspension purchased.  National Programs are considered to be one region.  Riders cannot be eligible for both National and Regional payouts with one set of suspension.
6.  Riders who purchased forks and a shock from Traxxion in 2002 can become eligible by submitting their forks and shock for full service and update prior to the start of the 2003 season.
7.  To be eligible for regional payout, you must purchase your components from your local Axxion Center Rep, as that rep will provide your trackside support.
With the help of the new Axxion Center Reps, this program will help put money back in the pockets of our many loyal customers.  We will have detailed info available by Christmas at and

Brian Baker
Baker Race Gear/Midwest Axxion Center