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Question about mounting Sharkskinz

Started by lbk, December 06, 2002, 06:31:54 AM

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I bought some sharkskinz from someone on the board here a while back, got them all pathced and mounted the upper. The lower is still waiting until I get the stand so I can remove the kickstand. Anyway my question is how stable or how much play up and down should be expected with just the upper mounted.

The person I bought the skinz from was the second owner of them, so I know they had them mounted only with the holes that are already drilled in them, but they just seem a little on the lose side. Is that just because I don't have the lower mounted, is it because all sharkskinz mount that way? Or am I doing something wrong.

I have a 97' GSXR-750 so they mount to the fairing stay via 4 bolts, then one bolt on each side to the frame. I put the bolts back in for the RAM-Air ducts to hold them in place, but if you go to the front of the bike, grab the windscreen and pull up or push down they move. Not sure if they are suppose to since this is my first experience with race plastics.

The fairing stay is the stock one, and has some play in it, because it is mounted to the frame with rubber bushings. Someone on another board recommended drilling two holes underneath where the headlight brack is and zip tie to the two holes that used to hold the headlight housing.

Hopefully I explained this well enough for someone to understand. I will try to get pictures to help when I get some time.


If the holes larger than they need to be it will be a bit loose.  You can re-size them by inserting rubber grommets in to them.  You may need to drill the holes to fit the grommets.  Your local hardware store or Radio Shack will have the grommets.  Figure out what size you need by the size of mounting screw.  This will also soft mount the body work and help with preventing cracking.


Hey Eddie, where's your dancing banana?  That thing was super-cool!


QuoteHey Eddie, where's your dancing banana?  That thing was super-cool!

You mean these guys?

Eric Kelcher

Yes the upper does have a lot of play without the lower. Surprisingly you can just attach the lower without it being bolted to frame and it tightens everything up alot. An aftermarket fairing stay will help as well and it is much cheaper in the event of a tumble than H bracket for mirrors adn the tach/headlight mount.
Eric Kelcher
ASRA/CCS Director of Competition


Thanks guys I got them mounted and you're right. With the lower it definitely takes the play out of it that I was worried about. Thanks again for the help, and here it is.


That looks my bike too!! ::) MINUS several gravity failure tests :-[