Engine Ice

Started by cbr806, June 15, 2005, 07:52:19 AM

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I heard Engine Ice no longer legal.  Is this correct?  Why?  Where is it in the rule book?


Where did you hear about it?

I haven't heard anything about it being illegal.
Brian McLaughlin
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Eric Kelcher

Still legal as confirmed with Kevin Elliott (Director of Competition) just 10 secs ago.
Eric Kelcher
ASRA/CCS Director of Competition


Thanks for the info.  I heard it from a couple racers.  Won't mention any names since they were misinformed.


If they were wera racers,,,they would be correct....for wera.


QuoteIf they were wera racers,,,they would be correct....for wera.
I thought Engine Ice was leagle for ama events. Isn't wera part of ama??
Chris Kalb
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No, WERA is an independent organization and NOT a part of AMA Pro Racing.
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