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engine question?

Started by Everett, June 10, 2005, 07:54:36 PM

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i currently own a 99gsxr600 and i love the thing to death.  the only problem is that hte engine has 25000miles on it and i beat teh hell out  of it. but it runs like a champ.  i dont want to sell the bike and buy a newer one because unfortunaly i have been leaning more towards stunting rather than just street race/ride.  i was planning on chaning the engine this winter and was thinking of poping in a 750 srad and a 750/1000 swingarm.  i know that the 750 and 600 are pretty mucht eh same frame wise and tranny, or so i think.  my question is  will a srad 750 fit and second what was teh first year for the fuel injected 750.  i thought it was 2000 but ive been told that 98 was the frist suzuki FI 750.    thanks for you help and experience in this matter.  cars are like old shoes that you know very well, bikes are like new shoes that i have to break in still.    

Eric Kelcher

98 was first FI 750 it used a traditional FI the 2000 added the secondary butterflies. 2000 also had frame and engine change for the 750, 600 changed in 2001 to FI (97-00 was carb)

I have also heard the 600 fits in 750 frame. Don't think the 1000 swingarm will work as that is different generation
Eric Kelcher
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The 750 motor fits in with no problem.  However, I think that all of the engine mounts line up except for one.  I have seen it done with no issues.  So, you would want a '98 or '99 motor.

I don't know about the swingarms.

Eric is right about the FI and frame questions.

Also, I am not sure what kind of wiring harness changes you would need.  I am sure that you would at least need the 750 ECU.
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i figured id probably need the com. and ecu for the Fi im not sure about teh throttle linkage because im not sure if they changed it for the Fi but i figure i could probably buy those also if need be.  thanks guys for all your help.  if you ahve any other tips on thsi engine swap it woudl still be helpfull.  thanks again