Fork seal/Oil Replace HELP!!!!!!!

Started by gr8tdls4u, May 23, 2005, 05:42:27 PM

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I replaced the seal on my for for 93 gsxr. I forgot how it goes back together.  The tube at the bottom. It has a plastic piece, does that go against the spring. Also How do I bleed my fork. Geezzz this turned out to be a mess. Pls Help!!!!!! Im trying to get my bike on the road for my b-day on 5-25.


Im trying to put it back together, but the bottom allen screw wont screw in to hold shock together.


Wow I finally figured it out and is all together nicely. Im good didnt even us e a book and no help. Where does the oil GO????? How do you bleed forks??

Super Dave

Cartridge fork?

Oil goes down the tube.  

Do you know what to do after that?  

I can do this myself, but I don't because making a minor screw up will cost you...   One, it won't function, two, you might crash because of it.

How much money does that save?

Going back together and going back together correctly on a sophisticated cartridge fork can be completely different things.
Super Dave