Fixing aluminum radiator

Started by sv303, May 17, 2005, 07:32:07 PM

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I have a few small leaks in the side of my Sv650 aluminum radiator.  I tried to braze it with Fluxless Aluminum brazing rods but I still have pin hole leaks.  Does anyone know how to fix this.  My last resort might have to be "rediator sealer".  But I don't want to plug other parts in my bike.


That's Myler's radiator repair.  They are inexpensive and fast.  They have performed miracles on some junk I have sent them.



QuoteJB Weld worked for me

Me too.
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Myler's in Utah rocks!! Fast service and excellent repair.
I have a bend and cracked 03' SV one repaired for under a $100.00 !! ;D

It is now on its second season and shows no signs if problems.

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QuoteJB Weld worked for me

I know it does not work on oil coolers. Cleaned up two BIG messes from this last weekend. Do not try it, the test reports are in, it FAILED.
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I went to a radiator repair show here in town and they fixed mine for 100.00 bucks.   i was pissed off when i found out all they did was hit it with some paint stripper then put a high temp epoxy on it and spray painted it to match.

Yes it worked for many more years without any problems, but i felt i got ripped off, i could have done it for 5 bucks.  Just get some jb weld or find a high temp epoxy and patch it up, youll be fine,  dont use the sealer it will screw up a perfectly good race engine.


Hhhhmmm... The secrets of the trade ;D

It took these guys a few trys to figure out it just takes epoxy, well do you know what type? At least it is still working.
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Go to the local autoparts store.  Buy the radiator repair epoxy.  It is in a clear tube about 5 inches long and 1 inch in diameter.  The epoxy is a two-part taffy looking material that you cut off and then kneed until uniform in color.  Then you just press into the defect and fixed!  I actually sliced up a radiator to insert baffles to create a three-pass rad and the stuff worked so well that I never saw a need for a more permanent repair!


Buy one of my spare SV radiators - problem solved 8)
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