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SRAD 600 fork oil height

Started by back_marker, May 17, 2005, 01:34:53 PM

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Anyone know off the top of their heads (or anywhere else) the fork oil level for '97 GSXR 600 forks? (no compression adjustment)

...and yeah I know the no-compression adjuster ones aren't the one to have, but sometimes you just runs what you gots.


Hi dave did you find out?? I have a 1993 gsxr 600 and just re placed my seals. Where does the oil go? and how much??  Thanks!


To gr8tdls4u: Nope, guess I'll have to beg info from dealer (I have just the forks, so am trying to avoid getting a Suzuki shop manual).  

Not that it probably would do you any good: the 92-93 600's had USD forks,  SRAD 600's are conventional, so measurement, filling etc are completely different.  And more complicated for USD, from what I understand.