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Started by smoke, May 03, 2005, 02:48:45 PM

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super dave

I kinda remimber what you said.  I want my bike to turn in faster. So I know I need to increase my trail but I cant remember how to do it.

Super Dave

You're good now...right?
Super Dave


Sir; YES SIR    ;D ;D ;D ;D  

I took notes  :P


ok so stop keeping all the secrets to yourself..... share some info man...  come on you can do it. some one else might benifit from this as well.

Super Dave

Yeah, well, I teach a school.  I've spent a long time doing this, and I was never gifted.  So, it took time and money to understand things.

The secrets are available to my students.

You can go to my website, but it seems to be down.

You can try though.
Super Dave