03 ZX-6RR starter relay

Started by Green_Knight, May 02, 2005, 11:02:56 PM

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Ok, heres the deal.  I high sided my bike in the last turn at MAM.  Was all kinds of fun trust me :P.  Anyway.  The starter/kill switch assembly got all mashed up and I figured out it needed to be replaced.  It wouldn't send any signal to the bike for squat.

So I just got a new one and hooked it up.  It does work but now instead of turning over all I get is a clicking noise from the starter relay.  Is it shot?  Shorting out?

Thanks for any help ahead of time and for your viewing plesure and since Jonah grabed the shots of my tumble take a look hehe.



Well I figured it out... All it needed was a bit more juice in the battery.  I feel like such a dork  :-[