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Pit to Rider radio communication - legal?

Started by Faas73, April 25, 2005, 12:38:08 PM

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I can't find anything in the rule book on this...

Is it legal to have a personal communication radio wired into a helmet to receive information from a crew, while racing?

Nate R

If it's not in the rulebook, it's legal.

AFAIK, it's OK in CCS.  I was thinking of doing it myself when I get back into racing.
Nate Reik
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Interesting. Did you have any thoughts on how to do it? (mounting of the radio, earpieces, etc).

The thought came to me at Daytona, when I was scaring myself silly, thinking I was in a close battle for my first win ever...and then I found out from my crew that I had a 6 or 7 second lead the whole time. Could have saved myself some work.  ;)

Also, I came into possesion of one of those Motorola things for free recently, so the idea has been reborn. :-)


The car guys do it, so systems should be available.

This one might be worth a look-see.
Alexa Krueger
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Car systems are quite expensive - check out racing radios site - last time I looked a system was $1000 to $2000 for a driver and one crew member. Price varied depending upon radio range, headset choices etc.

In riders school we have played with radios. We have been using the Chatterbox system (GMRS). It works pretty well at most tracks. We use the push to talk (PTT) rather than the voice activated - seems to be too sensitive. Also at tracks like RA, there can be considerable wind noise when the rider is speaking. One advantage to the chatterbox is that it is designed for a motorcycle - hangs on helmet, no wiring to the bike except if you use the PTT button on the handle bar (I use the button on the unit). Not noticeable hanging on the side of the helmet. Stop by at Blackhawk if you would like to see a unit.
Brian McLaughlin
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Now thats something to look into! I've been wanting to do that for years now, just always thought it was illeagle to use. Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it illeagle in AMA Roadracing ?
Chris Kalb
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From the AMA rulebook :

3. Radio communication in Superbike only.
Brian McLaughlin
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 another nice feature of the chatterbox systems is that you can wire the unit into the bike and only have a cord connecting the bike to helmet. a computer mouse extension cord to be exact. i had one hard wired into my street bike a while ago and could just plug in whan i wanted to or tuck the cord away when i didnt. they even sell a kit to wire it into the bikes electrical system. i had mine mounted in the trunk and the wire came out between the tank and seat.



Maybe I'm weird, but it takes every ounce of concetration I have to race.  I couldn't imagine someone in my ear.  I will definitely stick to the pit board or the dependable 'look under the armpit while exiting a corner' trick  :)
Maybe you could have something similar to a lap timer only it is a text messager.  Hmm, the best of both worlds.
Larry Dodson
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