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Tune Injection w/o power commander

Started by Lowe119, April 20, 2005, 07:12:34 AM

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My buddy has a new gsx-r 600 and is putting a full Yosh on it. Is it possible to tune the mapping without purchasing a Power Commander?



Factory Pro makes a product called the Teka that can adjust the mapping without a power commander type device.

Try their website for a tuning center near you.
Brian McLaughlin
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Yosh makes one, as well, that tunes the stock ECU....

Big bucks....

There are cheaper versions of the PC,which are OK, but for the money, nothing beats the PC.

Super Dave

And there is another option that you can leave on board.  Inexpensive and reliable.  Additionally, you can actually make changes to it with a simple hand tool.  No lap top ever needed.

Your choice.

I think it's called the 46i Fuel Injection Module.  

Good luck!
Super Dave


tfi, fuel nanny, dfo....(all the same thing...)  they work great and are the cheapest route...