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Bikes For Sale / Motoamerica spec Kawasaki ZX-1...
Last post by Cj_crosslin409 - March 14, 2022, 02:08:15 PM
2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R for sale located in Raleigh, NC. Clean tittle in hand.
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Bike was originally built & tuned by Mike Godin at KWS. Raced 3 motoamerica rounds in 2020. Only did 3 track days on it in 2021.

•Kit ECU & harness with Software CD & module
•Ktech front
•Ktech DDS rear shock
•GP tech thumb brake
•Fully wired for MA, WERA, CCS
•Antigravity battery
•Vortex bars
•Woodcraft clip on's
•Accossato brake master
•Steel braided lines
•Ohlins steering dampener
•Vesrah pads
•Samco coolant hoses (red)
• Cox Radiator guard
•Bmc air filter
• full titanium exhaust (dented but functional)
•Hot bodies bodywork ( just repainted black)
•D.I.D 520 chain
•Vortex sprockets
•Bonamici rear sets
•Bonamici brake lever guard
•Woodcraft case covers
•Leo vince carbon clutch cover

Spares sold separate:

•Two full sets of wheels
•Stock harness & ECU flashed by Woolish Racing
•New EBC rear pads
•New EBC rotors
•Two Cush drives
•Upper tail section bracket
•Stock master
•Couple of other misc parts for rear sets

Please feel free to inbox me, email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions . Facebook- Cj CrosslinYou cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment. 
Wanted / Sharkskinz for 94/95 GSXR
Last post by TJS - March 09, 2022, 01:55:16 PM
I'm looking for 94/95 gsxr 750 sharkskinz body work.
804-307-3543 Richmond, VA
Shooting the bull / Re: Not going to Daytona 200 t...
Last post by Biketographer - March 08, 2022, 05:09:20 PM
few races this year.
It seems like it always rains at least one day of bike week every year.   The forecast now is very depressing.  We know they will not cancel or delay the races because of a little (or a lot) of rain, but rain and photography are not something I like.
Shooting the bull / Not going to Daytona 200 this ...
Last post by old.racer - February 25, 2022, 08:54:30 AM
It's a long drive and an expensive place to stay.

This year there just is not very much racing going on.

Wondering if it is worth it.
Information, Announcements & FAQ / Re: FORUM UPGRADE READ THIS RE...
Last post by Biketographer - February 18, 2022, 10:39:55 AM

Registrations now working again.
Information, Announcements & FAQ / Re: - new member registration ...
Last post by Biketographer - February 18, 2022, 08:09:25 AM
WHen a new member registers, the forum is supposed to show an image and the human answers two questions about the image. 

This function is not working right now due to the major software upgrade.

I am not a programmer, so it might take a few days  :banghead:
Shooting the bull / Lightning Motorcycles bet on n...
Last post by Biketographer - February 08, 2022, 06:52:38 AM

SÃO PAULO, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Boost performance and speed. This is the goal that led Lightning Motorcycles, known for being pioneers in the e-mobility industry and electric motorcycles innovators, to team up with the Brazilian company CBMM, world's leading supplier of niobium products and technology.

Signed in January, the partnership with the Silicon Valley-based company aims to leverage the applications of niobium in the mobility sector and to create an electric two-wheeler to break the current commercial motorcycle Land Speed Record (LSR). The initiative intends to innovate and test the metal in various components of the vehicle, in order to improve its performance and, eventually, exceed the 250 mph (around 403 km/h) mark.

According to CBMM's Market Development Manager, Mariana Perez de Oliveira, the partnership with Lightning Motorcycles is especially strategic, as it will serve as a platform for experimenting and testing niobium technologies in high-performance vehicles. "The idea is to demonstrate, in practice, the advantages of niobium applications, since the addition of the metal can bring numerous benefits to the project, aiming at weight reduction and greater energy efficiency, as well as contributing directly to safety." Mariana adds that the agreement is long-term, since the prototype will also serve as a concept for future projects.

"Light weight and high efficiency are essential for high-performance motorcycles, we have used some applications of niobium to achieve these goals," says Lightning Motorcycles CEO and Founder Richard Hatfield. Confident in the partnership, he states. "We are excited to work with CBMM to further innovate niobium technologies that can be translated into meaningful benefits to not just high performance electric motorcycles but to all types of vehicles".


Niobium allow a true revolution in mobility. In the steel industry, for example, the application is already a reality in the manufacture of high-strength steel. It allows the development of more resistant components, playing a crucial role in increasing vehicle safety.

In addition, the metal can enable improvements in the braking system such as reduced wear, greater durability, and better efficiency; to its use in the cathodes and anodes of vehicle batteries in order to obtain unique characteristics, such as ultra-fast charging and greater energy density, compared to technologies used in traditional lithium-ion batteries.


CONTACT: CBMM information to the press, Oficina Consultoria -, Denise Mello: +55 11 99832.4877
Bikes For Sale / Re: 1993 TZ250 4DP
Last post by SOARacing - January 23, 2022, 08:17:58 AM
Bikes For Sale / 1993 TZ250 4DP
Last post by SOARacing - January 16, 2022, 10:03:54 AM
Engine including crank  has 1 trackday on it. Fresh paint and powdercoat. New Pirelli slicks,  Suspension just serviced and resprung comes with various springs.  Will ship world wide at buyers expense. Bike located in Toronto. Spares alone are worth thousands.  Asking $14500 USD
Spares :
-Used fairing been down, repaired and primered.
-New fender (unmounted)
-Front (Battle Factory) and rear (Yamaha) stands
-Fresh crank rebuilt last July by Gord Bush; 1 trackday 100km (Aug 2020)
-'96 leaded cylinders (need nicasil repair)
-'96 4DP-40 leaded ignition box
-Battle Factory rearsets
-Penske rear shock (on bike)
-Brembo master cylinder
-Spare wheels w/Brembo full floating front rotors -Rear sprockets 37-41T
-Alternate internal gears
-Spare '96 ignition box (4DP-40 leaded)
-(2)Spare cylinders (need replating)
-Spare radiator (very good condition)
-Spare footrests and pegs
-Spare cylinder heads (2)
-6 used pistons (~330 km on each)
-Spare jets
-Used Brembo master cylinder
-External starter tool
-'96 Turfrey pipes; right pipe good condition (needs paint), left pipe mount modified for '93 but needs repair

New Parts
(2) 4DP-116321-02-A0 (pistons)
(2) 4DP-116321-02-D0 (pistons)
(4) 1RK-11611-01 (piston rings)
(2) 137-11633-10 (wrist pins)
(2) 93310-316D5 (small end bearing)
(11) 93450-17129 (wrist pin clips)
(1) 4DP-24500-01 (fuel petcock and gasket)
(2 sets) Dunlopads RDP213 (front brake pads)
(1) 53141-NX5-770 (Honda throttle tube; same as TZ)
(4) NGK R6252K-105 spark plugs
(1) 3YL-16321-01 (clutch/friction plate)
(4) 168-16324-00 (clutch/steel plates)
(1) 3XV-13621-00 (intake manifold gasket)
(1) 3XV-13621-01 (intake manifold gasket)
(1) 3XV-13622-00 (intake manifold gasket)
(1) 90215-21239 (lock washer)
(2) 3XV-13613-01 (MAIN REED)
(2) 2KM-13614-00 (inner reed)
(1) 90280-04051 (crankshaft woodruff key)
(13) base gaskets (various thicknesses)
(1) 99237-00180 (tank sticker)
(2) 99247-00280 (fairing lower sticker)
Shooting the bull / Oceano Dunes State Vehicular R...
Last post by Biketographer - January 06, 2022, 06:50:29 AM
Any California people here ?   A "vehicular recreation area" that does not allow vehicles ?

QuoteMore than 100 Oceano Dunes Acres Now Closed to OHVs

The California Coastal Commission, without deliberation, unanimously voted in late December to further restrict OHV use at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, immediately shutting down 108 acres of riding and driving area. Commission staff cited dust control and dune restoration as reasons to propose the shutdown, despite evidence that dust in the area is primarily caused by the wind and dunes themselves, not any human activities.

"The Coastal Commission rammed the closure through during the holidays with minimal public notice," said Scott Schloegel, MIC senior vice president of government relations. "This will further diminish the recreational experience and access for the millions of visitors to Oceano Dunes each year."

The MIC sent a letter to the CCC in December noting that claims about dust from OHVs have been debunked in two separate reports authored by Dr. Lynn Russell of the University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography. And the MIC's Mario Mairena, senior manager, federal affairs, spoke at the commission meeting opposing closure during the public comment period.

"Throughout the public works plan process, we submitted comments and testified at public hearings suggesting ways to responsibly and safely preserve OHV access and resources at ODSVRA," stated the letter, signed by Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of the MIC, the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association. "We repeatedly offered to partner with State Parks to enhance safety, training, and awareness of sensitive areas at ODSVRA."