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Shooting the bull / Re: Electric / Battery Motorcy...
Last post by Biketographer - April 13, 2022, 06:19:35 AM
VANCOUVER, BC, April 6, 2022 /CNW/ - Electric powered vehicles are currently a big point of interest. Electric cars are on the verge of replacing Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle and currently, there isn't a single car manufacturer that hasn't made a vehicle with at least one electric motor. With the advancement of technology, another category of electric transportation has started to evolve – the electric cycles. Electric bicycles were the first to conquer the European market by storm in 2014-2016, and the North American market four years later. While the e-bike market was expanding in North America, the next stage of the electric cycle revolution began in Europe – the electric motorcycle. Instead of buying ICE motorbikes, the European population began to adopt their 50 -150cc electric equivalents for their daily transportation needs. Their range of 80 -140km and their speed of 70 – 120 km/h was sufficient for the daily commuting needs of the average European citizen even for highways. Switching to this mode of transportation became an attractive option for urban commuters due to four reasons: their zero emission and silent operation, avoidance of the road congestion and substantial government rebates. Ultimately, this created a demand for personal electric transportation and exposed a niche for electric motorcycles equivalent to their ICE counterparts. In 2016 the Australian-Chinese company Vmoto was the first to tap into this niche in Europe with their brand Super Soco. With affordable prices, their bikes proved to be a very practical and convenient mode of transportation especially for those living in cities.

Electric Motorcycles are the new transportation revolution

In North America, electric motorcycle manufacturers like Brammo and Zero were founded much earlier – in 2002 and 2006 respectively. Their ambition was to compete with high-power ICE motorbikes, but their limited range and higher price point ultimately reduced their demand in the consumer market. For similar reasons Brammo lost the battle in 2014. Zero was the only manufacturer that endured the bumpy market  owing to the fact that they signed contracts with US law enforcement to supply with their machines. Despite this, in 2020 Zero sold an estimated 3,500 motorcycles globally. For the same period, Australian company Vmoto, which started manufacturing their Super Soco brand electric motorcycles nine years after Zero, sold 23,000 electric two-wheelers in 2020 according to their annual report. Proportionally, through the years this is 20 times more than Zero without accounting for its year-after-year percentage increase.  Harley Davidson electric bikes sales were not impressive either. Since the release of their Livewire in 2019, they sold roughly 1,700 units worldwide. Recently Harley Davidson announced the release of a smaller and less expensive urban oriented model set back by a three-year delay. Meanwhile, brands like Super Soco, Horwin and Kollter conquered the European market. In 2021Super Soco sold over 1000 units in the UK which rated them as the fastest growing electric motorcycle manufacturer. According to the UK Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) the average electric motorcycles registration increase was 51.2% while Super Soco sales increased by 478% in 2021! This clearly illustrates the slower growth of the electric motorcycle industry when it is not mass consumer oriented.

With the added benefits of decreased maintenance, operation costs, free parking, bus lane sharing and government incentives such as rebates, the electric motorcycle quickly became the preferred choice for NA citizens. The most attractive aspect being their affordability with prices ranging between $4,000 and $7,000USD. Brands like Super Soco, Horwin, Kollter and Evoke started to emerge in the last few years on the North American city streets. Greenwit Technologies - the exclusive Canadian distributor for all these brands registered sales growth of almost 200% in 2021 compared to 2020.

The rapid adoption of electric motorbikes in North American cities was also accelerated by limiting some models to 70km/h which places them in the same category as 50cc gas motorcycles which do not require a special motorcycle license. The simplicity of their operation (no gears, no clutch) was another factor for their mass adoption. The instant torque of electric motorbikes is a feature that makes them superior to their same power rated gas counterparts with acceleration that exceeds well above them, ultimately making them more agile and safer in busy urban traffic.

When it comes to electric cars, their main disadvantage is charging – particularly for those who can't charge them at their homes. Almost all Super Soco, Horwin and Kollter models are equipped with removable batteries, which can be charged separately. This means that they can also be plugged in at an office until fully charged. Depending on the rider's preference for distance or speed, these bikes provide different speed modes. These modes do not sacrifice their ability to handle steep terrain and many of them can handle hills like San Francisco's famous vertiginous grades, which is not achievable by their ICE counterparts.

As e-bikes sales exceeded the sales of the regular bikes in Europe and North America, a similar pattern is underway with electric motorcycles. North American people require electric cycles with longer range and speeds for commuting in urban and suburban environments. Additional factors such as government commitment for zero emission transport, gas price increases, and urban congestion accelerate the desire to make the switch. Manufacturers like Ducati, Honda, Triumph, and BMW have already committed with their introduction of electric bikes in the near future. Brands like Super Soco, Horwin, Kollter and others are now filling the demand for the light electric urban transportation, but they won't stop there.  Later this year Vmoto Soco and Kollter will be releasing their next level bikes named Stash and RS1 with higher speeds, longer range and more powerful motors with presumably more affordable prices.

SOURCE Motorino Electric Cycles
Last post by Biketographer - April 13, 2022, 06:11:38 AM
MILWAUKEE, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2022 Harley-Davidson® (NYSE:HOG) Nightster™ model starts a new chapter in the Harley-Davidson® Sportster® motorcycle story – a leap forward in performance and design while remaining an accessible entry point to motorcycling and the brand. This all-new motorcycle combines a classic Sportster model silhouette with the on-demand performance of the new Revolution® Max 975T powertrain and a host of contemporary electronic rider aids and features. The 2022 Nightster model redefines the Sportster motorcycle experience for a new generation of riders.
"The Nightster is an instrument of expression and exploration, underpinned by performance," said Jochen Zeitz.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ model starts a new chapter in the Harley-Davidson® Sportster® motorcycle story – a leap forward in performance and design while remaining an accessible entry point to motorcycling and the brand.

The 2022 Nightster redefines the Sportster motorcycle experience for a new generation of Harley-Davidson riders.
"The Nightster is an instrument of expression and exploration, underpinned by performance" said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. "By building on the 65-year Sportster legacy, the Nightster provides a canvas for creativity and personalization, offering the ultimate platform for customization and expression for new and existing riders."
New Revolution® Max 975T Powertrain

At the heart of the 2022 Nightster model is the new Revolution® Max 975T powertrain. It is a liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-Twin with a torque curve that stays flat through the broad powerband – and engine performance designed to deliver strong acceleration and robust power through the mid-range. The length and shape of the intake velocity stacks, combined with the airbox volume, are tuned to maximize performance across the engine speed range. The profiles of dual overhead camshafts and Variable Valve Timing phasing on the intake valves are designed to match the performance of this engine.
Revolution ® Max 975T Engine Specs

    Displacement 975cc
    90 HP (67 kW) @7500 RPM
    70 ft. lbs. (95 Nm) peak torque @ 5000 RPM
    97mm bore x 66mm stroke
    Compression Ratio 12:1

Hydraulic valve lash adjustment ensures quiet operation and eliminates the need for costly, complicated service procedures. Internal balancers help reduce engine vibration to enhance rider comfort and improve vehicle durability. The balancers are tuned to retain just enough vibration to make the motorcycle feel alive.
Powerful Agility

The Nightster™ model pairs a nimble, lightweight chassis with a powerful engine tuned for strong mid-range performance, an ideal combination for navigating urban traffic and charging along curving backroads. Mid foot controls and a low-rise handlebar put the rider in a centered, comfortable posture on the bike. Unladen seat height is 27.8 inches. The low seat height combined with a narrow profile makes it possible for most riders to confidently place feet down flat at a stop.

The Revolution® Max 975T powertrain is the central, structural component of the Nightster™ motorcycle chassis, which significantly reduces motorcycle weight and results in a very stiff chassis. The tail section structure is lightweight aluminum. The swingarm is formed of welded rectangular steel tubing and is an attachment point for the dual rear shock absorbers.

Front suspension is 41mm SHOWA® Dual Bending Valve conventional forks designed to provide improved handling performance by keeping the tire in contact with the road surface. The rear suspension features dual outboard emulsion-technology shock absorbers with coil springs and a threaded collar for pre-load adjustment.
Rider Safety Enhancements

The Nightster model is equipped with Rider Safety Enhancements* by Harley-Davidson, a collection of technologies designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking. The systems are electronic and utilize the latest chassis control, electronic brake control and powertrain technology. Its three elements are:

    Antilock Braking System (ABS) is designed to prevent the wheels from locking under braking and helps the rider maintain control when braking in a straight-line, urgent situation. ABS operates independently on front and rear brakes to keep the wheels rolling and prevent uncontrolled wheel lock.

    Traction Control System (TCS) is designed to prevent the rear wheel from excessive spinning under acceleration. TCS can improve rider confidence when available traction is compromised by wet weather, an unanticipated change in the surface, or when riding on an unpaved road. The rider can deactivate TCS in any Ride Mode when the motorcycle is stopped and the engine is running.

    Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) is designed to adjust engine torque delivery and reduce excessive rear-wheel slip under powertrain-induced deceleration, which typically occurs when the rider makes an abrupt down-shift gear change or quickly reduces the throttle while on wet or slippery road surfaces.

Selectable Ride Modes

The Nightster model offers selectable Ride Modes that electronically control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle, and the level of technology intervention. Each Ride Mode consists of a specific combination of power delivery, engine braking, ABS and TCS settings.

The rider may use the MODE button on the right-hand controller to change the active ride mode while riding the motorcycle or when stopped, with some exceptions. A unique icon for each mode appears on the instrument display when that mode has been selected.

    Road Mode is intended for daily use and delivers balanced performance. This mode offers less-aggressive throttle response and less mid-range engine power than Sport Mode, with a higher level of ABS and TCS intervention.
    Sport Mode delivers the full performance potential of the motorcycle in a direct and precise manner, with full power and the quickest throttle response. TCS is set to its lowest level of intervention, and engine braking is increased.

    Rain Mode is designed to give the rider greater confidence when riding in the rain or when traction is otherwise limited. Throttle response and power output are programmed to significantly restrain the rate of acceleration, engine braking is limited, and the highest levels of ABS and TCS intervention are selected.

The 3.1-gallon lightweight plastic fuel cell is located below the seat – what appears to be a traditional fuel tank forward of the seat is a steel cover for the airbox. The fuel fill is reached by lifting the hinged locking seat. Locating the fuel cell below the seat optimizes the capacity of the engine intake airbox and moves the weight of fuel lower in the chassis compared to a traditional fuel tank location, which results in a lower center of gravity for improved handling and easier lift off the side stand.

The Nightster™ model features a round 4.0-inch-diameter analog speedometer with an inset multi-function LCD display mounted on the handlebar riser. All-LED lighting is designed to deliver style and outstanding performance while also making the motorcycle conspicuous to other motorists. The Daymaker® LED headlamp has been designed to produce a homogenous spread of light, eliminating distracting hot spots. Combination rear brake/tail/signal LED lighting is located on the rear fender (US market only).

Fresh Design Based on Classic Form

All-new from the wheels up with a look that is lean, low, and powerful, the Nightster model conveys classic Sportster model styling cues, most obviously in the exposed rear shock absorbers and the shape of an airbox cover that evokes the iconic Sportster walnut fuel tank. The round air intake cover, solo seat, chopped fenders and speed screen recall elements of recent Sportster models, while a side cover that conceals the under-seat fuel tank has a shape similar to the previous Sportster oil tank. The Revolution Max powertrain is the centerpiece of the design, framed by snaking exhaust headers and finished in textured Metallic Charcoal powder coat with Gloss Black inserts. A cover below the radiator conceals the battery and helps the radiator appear less prominent. The wheel finish is Satin Black. Paint color options include Vivid Black, Gunship Grey, and Redline Red. Gunship Grey and Redline Red color options will be applied only to the airbox cover; the front and rear fenders and speed screen are always finished in Vivid Black.

Harley-Davison® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories has created a range of accessories for the Nightster motorcycle, designed to enhance fit, comfort and style.

The Nightster model arrives at authorized Harley-Davidson® dealerships globally beginning in April 2022. US Base MSRP is $13,499 (Vivid Black) and $13,899 (color options).

Harley-Davidson stands for the timeless pursuit of adventure and freedom for the soul. Go to to learn more about the complete line of 2022 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, gear, accessories and more.

*Disclaimer: Available traction is determined by the road/tire interface. The systems are only able to adjust brake pressure or powertrain torque in an attempt to keep the forces at the tire from exceeding available grip. These technologies do not have the ability to increase grip, to intervene when the rider has not made a brake or throttle application, or to directly influence vehicle direction. The rider is ultimately responsible for steering, speed and path corrections.
Shooting the bull / Motorcycle Theft GPS Tracking
Last post by Biketographer - March 30, 2022, 08:19:46 AM
VILNIUS, Lithuania, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Monimoto, maker of Europe's fastest growing anti-theft GPS tracker, recently published a report detailing the challenges of using Apple's AirTag to secure a motorcycle versus a GPS-based tracking device such as the Monimoto 7. The Apple product has recently been criticized for its use in stalking or following individuals against their will. Apple's mitigation procedures for this issue have added to the reasons to be skeptical of its ability to protect a motorcycle, bicycle or automobile.
Anti-theft GPS trackers like the Monimoto 7 have proven to be much more effective at protecting vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles than the Apple AirTag. Monimoto devices use both GPS and 4G/5G cellular technology to help determine the location of a stolen bike, assisting authorities with a prompt recovery.

Anti-theft GPS trackers like the Monimoto 7 have proven to be much more effective at protecting vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles than the Apple AirTag. Monimoto devices use both GPS and 4G/5G cellular technology to help determine the location of a stolen bike, assisting authorities with a prompt recovery.

AirTag's reliance on other devices for location and communications is why riders should select a different solution.

"Apple is wise to take steps to stop the use of AirTags as a way to stalk someone," said Andrius "Bruno" Rimkunas, a motorcycle security expert and co-founder of Monimoto. "However, these procedures, and the AirTag's reliance on other Apple devices for location and communications, are exactly why motorcycle owners should select a different that provides immediate alerts and ensures owners never need to worry about losing the motorcycle they love."

Apple AirTags use Bluetooth technology to connect to any Apple device in a nearby area. When an owner realizes that his or her protected item is missing, the owner can request a signal from the AirTag to provide its location. This could be hours after a theft occurred and the protected vehicle could be far away from its original location. To avoid stalkers from using AirTag, Apple has programmed the product so anyone with an iPhone can see if an AirTag is nearby, which alerts thieves to find and remove the tag from a vehicle they have stolen. In addition, after a specified amount of time, the AirTag will emit a sound, further alerting thieves that they are being tracked.

In contrast, GPS tracking devices like the Monimoto 7, will immediately alert owners that their motorcycle is being tampered with. In one recently documented case, a Monimoto user in New York City was able to disrupt a potential theft by checking on his bike after receiving an alert. Almost all GPS tracking devices will continually update the user on the device's location, allowing users to work with local authorities to assure a quick return of their motorcycle. GPS trackers generally don't have LEDs or make sounds, so they don't alert thieves that they are being tracked.

The Monimoto 7 stands out among GPS trackers, in that it uses both global positioning from viewable satellites and also 4G/5G cellular signals to identify the specific location of the bike and to communicate with the owner by phone calls and notifications on a smart phone. The device is not connected to a vehicles electrical system, which means it continues to operate for 12 months on its internal battery, even if the motorcycle's battery is disconnected. Monimoto's weatherproof case make it perfect for the rigorous environment of a motorcycle. Monimoto's rating on Trust Pilot, the Apple Store and Google Play store are tops in this field.

"AirTags are wonderful for finding lost keys or a backpack. But our advice to riders is that a locked motorcycle and a high-quality GPS tracker, like our Monimoto 7, is the best way to protect the investment they've made in their motorcycle," continued Rimkunas. "If you are in an area where motorcycle theft could happen, these two deterrents should help you rest easily and know that your bike will be waiting for you when it's time for your next ride."

The report is posted to Monimoto's website and includes links to source material from Apple and other news sources to explain AirTag features and anti-stalking measures, as well as reference materials for GPS trackers.

About Monimoto

Monimoto, founded in 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania, delivers "peace of mind" for owners of collectible, custom and high-value motorcycles and e-bicycles. 

The Monimoto 7 is more than just a smart, anti-theft GPS tracker for two-wheelers. It's small, easy to install and uses the latest eSIM, 4G/5G IoT connectivity combined with a sophisticated backend and mobile app. It comes with an embedded, international eSIM card and is powered by two autonomous, long-life batteries, so it won't drain the battery on a motorcycle or e-bike and never falls victim to a thief who cuts the battery cable. The device calls the owner within minutes when unauthorized motion is detected. Monimoto's portfolio already includes dozens of recovery cases. Service is free for two months with device purchase and is $49 per year after that. 

The company has enjoyed increasing revenue growth of 100% year over year for three consecutive years with projected revenue in 2022 of US$5 million. 

Monimoto 8, expected in Q2 2022, is specifically designed to meet the needs of high-end bicycle and e-bike owners.

SOURCE Monimoto
Shooting the bull / Women's Motor Fest 2022
Last post by Biketographer - March 29, 2022, 08:10:36 AM
COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Women's Motor Fest is hosting two women's only all-inclusive vehicle events in Detroit, Michigan on June 18, 2022, and Columbus, Ohio on September 10, 2022. Women are too often excluded from motoring culture. Women's Motor Fest was created as an alternative to traditional car shows. It is a female-focused event where women can share their passion for vehicles, which includes everything from cars to motorcycles to trucks and off-road vehicles.

The goal of Women's Motor Fest is to provide women with a fun environment where they feel comfortable exploring their interests in cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and motorsports. To find out more about our events visit:

Women's Motor Fest's Detroit event will be held at Baker's of Milford Restaurant in Milford Michigan on June 18, 2022, from 10 am to 3 pm.  To find out more about our Detroit event visit

The second event will be held at Quaker Steak & Lube in Columbus, Ohio on September 10, 2022, from 11 am to 4 pm. To find out more about our Columbus event visit

Women's Motor Fest is a completely different type of motoring event that will feature educational workshops for any women interested in learning about topics such as vehicle maintenance, welding, or how to ride a motorcycle or off-road vehicle.  There will also be music, entertainment, and female-focused vendors with products women are interested in like jewelry, apparel, and unique items.
About Women's Motor Fest

Women's Motor Fest is presented by the ladies of Femcanic Garage and Throttle Gals, who are combining forces to give women a place to have fun and connect with like-minded women who share a passion for the motoring world. Our mission is to create an inclusive event for every type of woman to come out and learn, connect, and discover why every woman can be a part of the motoring world.

Media Inquiries
Jayme Blasiman and Trish Horstman
Founders of Women's Motor Fest
Carolina Motorsports Park Update

Pre-entry closes March 28 at 11pm Central Time via the Racewurx Portal. All Invoices from PayPal Pre entry are due by 5pm March 29.

At Carolina MP, wristband sales usually begin on Thursday afternoon as part of our cooperation with Evolve GT's Friday Practice Day & Licensing Clinic, if it occurs in 2022 as is typical gates will open between 3pm and 5pm. The gates usually stay open all night after wristband sales begin.


(Cash Only)
Credit/Debit cards accepted only during CCS Registration hours

Thursday: $40 ea (thru 7am Fri)

Friday: $40 ea (thru 7am Sat)

Saturday: $30 ea (thru 7am Sun)

Sunday: $20 ea
Prices are for full-weekend passes per person (age 13 and older) depending upon day of arrival. Subject to change without notice

Armband Refunds: $40 if you arrive at Rider Registration before 7pm Friday (must be wearing your wristband)

24 Garages available: $150 for Saturday-Sunday (Evolve GT will collect their fee on site.)
12' x 25' 15 amp outlet

No Interior Walls

4 bikes max per garage

Community air compressor
2022 CMP Garage Rental from

CMP is allowing Thursday Thru Saturday night RV spots rentals, please see the CMP website to resever your spot.

2022 CCS Race Shedule Updates

Mid-West Championships
June 17-19 Brainerd Int'l Raceway Competition Course with the CRA
Pre-entry through CRA from: May 28th – June 11th

Atlantic Championships
June TBA has been cancelled.

Florida Championships
April 30-May 1 has been cancelled
Racewurx Portal Access Update

After the Australian Superbike Series experienced the same issue with its live timing feed, here is a work around for the Racewurx Portal.

If you have a problem, please remove the "s" from the HTTPS://:( (Works best in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge we've been told.)

Racewurx portal link here

Special Offer for ASRA/CCS Riders on Roadracing World and Motorcycle Technology subscriptions.

RRW has created a digital discount code: CCS22 . This will allow any ASRA/CCS racer directly purchase from the RRW site.

When the CCS22 discount code applied at checkout will get CCS racers a one-year print subscription for $15 OR a 2 year print subscription for $30.

Here is the link
Shooting the bull / the return of CanAm
Last post by Biketographer - March 26, 2022, 07:20:14 AM
QuoteVALCOURT, QC, March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - BRP Inc. (TSX: DOO) (NASDAQ:DOOO) announces today that the iconic Can-Am brand is returning to its motorcycle roots with a product line-up that will be completely electric. To mark the 50th anniversary of the beloved Can-Am brand, the Company will launch a family of electric 2-wheel motorcycles.

"With the motorcycle industry shifting to electric, we saw an opportunity to reclaim our motorcycle heritage and to re-enter the market. This new product category is extremely important to us, and we are thrilled that Can-Am motorcycles are the first EV models in BRP's electric lineup to be confirmed to consumers. Many of us have very fond memories of riding the early dirt bike models, and now we look forward to building on the rich history of the Can-Am brand to inspire and impress a new generation of motorcyclists and electric vehicle enthusiasts", said José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP.

The first Can-Am motorcycle was introduced in 1973 and immediately reigned over motocross and endurance racing. The instant success elevated the brand to an iconic status right from the start. Half a century later, the new products have been developed with many different riders in mind, more specifically for those who crave adventure, seek the thrill of the open road, long for a quiet ride in the country or want to liven up the city streets. Riders can expect these new state-of-the-art electric Can-Am motorcycles to be perfect for everyday commuting and, to stay true to the track & trail heritage of the brand, recreational on- and off-road riding.

Such a product category has been highly anticipated and expected from BRP's customers and dealer network. The Company is therefore looking forward to bringing this new electric product lineup to its dealers' showroom floors, further solidifying their financial strength and reach in key markets. The first models of the complete lineup are expected to be available in mid-2024.

BRP's existing dealers who are interested in carrying this new product line should contact their District Sales Managers. Those who are interested in becoming a BRP dealer for electric motorcycles are invited to submit a request on the Company website.
About BRP
We are a global leader in the world of powersports vehicles, propulsion systems and boats built on 80 years of ingenuity and intensive consumer focus. Our portfolio of industry-leading and distinctive products includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am on and off-road vehicles, Alumacraft, Manitou, Quintrex boats and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts and recreational aircraft. We complete our lines of products with a dedicated parts, accessories and apparel business to fully enhance the riding experience. With annual sales of CA$7.6 billion from over 120 countries, our global workforce is made up of close to 20,000 driven, resourceful people.
Shooting the bull / Re: Product Recalls - children...
Last post by Biketographer - March 25, 2022, 06:53:01 AM
two recalls for children's helmets:

QuoteName of Product:
Ninebot Children's Bicycle Helmets
The bicycle helmets do not comply with the positional stability and retention system requirements of the U.S. CPSC federal safety standard for bicycle helmets. The helmets can fail to protect in the event of a crash, posing a risk of head injury.
 Only helmets with batch code SN4500056024 and Date: August 2020 are included in this recall.
 Manufactured In: China

QuoteDimensions Bluetooth Speaker Helmets
The recalled helmets do not comply with the U.S. CPSC federal safety standard for bicycle helmets, posing a risk of head injury in a fall.
 The white label on the inside of the helmet contains the Item # ACTGEAR-238BTS in the bottom left corner.
 Manufactured In: China
Shooting the bull / Product Recalls - related to m...
Last post by Biketographer - March 25, 2022, 06:43:57 AM
EGL and ACE-branded Youth All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) Due to Violations of Federal ATV Safety Standard; Risk of Serious Injury or Death

QuoteName of Product:
EGL and ACE-branded Youth All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
The ATVs fail to comply with the requirements of the federal mandatory ATV safety standard. The B125 ATVs exceed the maximum speed limitations for vehicles intended for children aged 10 and older. For the Madix 110, the parking brakes do not prevent the movement of the vehicle. In addition, the handlebars on both ATVs pose a laceration hazard should the rider's body or head impact the handlebars at a high rate of speed such as in a crash. ATVs that fail to meet the mandatory safety requirements pose a risk of serious injury or death.
Manufactured In: China

Recall number:
22-108 pic--1_11.png
Shooting the bull / Re: Picture of the Day
Last post by old.racer - March 19, 2022, 07:29:48 AM

I hope that is a temporary tattoo.
Shooting the bull / Re: Picture of the Day
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Miss Hurst (in the middle)