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Shooting the bull / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by AlanDewey on Today at 09:09:24 am »
Shooting the bull / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Biketographer on Yesterday at 08:37:01 am »
Shooting the bull / AHRMA Sidecar Racing & School
« Last post by Biketographer on July 09, 2020, 10:54:19 am »
AHRMA Announces the 2020 Inaugural “3-Wheel Throwdown”

AHRMA is pleased to announce the 2020 Inaugural “3-Wheel Throwdown”.  This will occur during AHRMA’s back-to-back roadrace weekends, July 24-26 at Blackhawk Farms Raceway; Beloit, IL and July 31-August 2 at Gingerman Raceway; South Haven, MI.  The goal is for this initiative to take place annually which will increase sidecar and spectator attendance, and offer informative sidecar sessions for interested participants.   The “Throwdown” will include some special events, one of which is in conjunction with the Sidecar School. As a part of the sidecar school, the students will have an opportunity to participate in a “mock start” allowing them to experience a race start prior to their first race.  This will take place at the end of the day on Friday each weekend.

Other special events will include the “Sidecar Show Corral” with the gathering of all sidecars in one location after Saturday Racing which will be held in conjunction with a seminar on Sidecar Technique.   We have two special seminars, one to be held each weekend.  These include “Racing in the Rain” conducted by Peter Essaff  (Modern Sidecars) and Tim Joyce and Kat Collins (Vintage Sidecars) and “The Start” organized by Tony and Lisa Doukas (Modern Sidecars), and Eric and Celia Trosper (Vintage Sidecars).  Scheduling for these seminars will be announced.  Any other ideas are welcome, many more are in the works.

Sidecar racers new to AHRMA not licensed with a recognized organization must successfully complete the AHRMA Academy of Roadracing in order to race the weekend.

Registration is open, so register as soon as possible!!!

See you at the races!
Shooting the bull / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Biketographer on July 09, 2020, 08:29:18 am »
Shooting the bull / Mask is required !
« Last post by Biketographer on July 08, 2020, 08:49:00 am »
Shooting the bull / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Biketographer on July 08, 2020, 08:43:02 am »
Shooting the bull / Picture of the Day
« Last post by Biketographer on July 06, 2020, 10:45:09 am »
do not remember where I stole this from.
Shooting the bull / Soriano Motori Launches EV Motorcycle
« Last post by Biketographer on July 02, 2020, 11:37:16 am »
100-year-old brand sets new bar for the future of motorcycles

NEW YORK, July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the Soriano Group launches Soriano Motori Corp, a high performance EV motorcycle innovation, design, and cultural liaison for the next generation of riders, from a legacy brand of motorcycles originally founded in '39.  The launch of SMC under the leadership of Marco Soriano will continue its family legacy of innovation and invention ahead of its time. 

"Soriano Motori's motorcycles represent the finest Italian design, image, branding, architecture and engineering, that for the first time are being applied to EV motorcycles for the next generation of riders," said Marco Soriano, founder of SMC. "Owners of Soriano Motori motorcycles are assured the look, feel and lifestyle of what they love about motorcycles, fused with the intoxication of a strong and proud made in Italy brand. We bring elegance and innovation into balance to deliver something that is transcendent for the motorcycle culture."

For years, the Italian pursuit of both style and grace in the most advanced form of engineering has become a pride of the culture. "The owners of Soriano EV motorcycles are promised to be piloting one of the most advanced, stylist, and environmentally friendly Italian machines on the planet," said Marco Soriano. Production takes place at two state-of-the-art facilities in Oggiono & Lecco, towns surrounding the outstanding Lake Como, Italy.

Application, design, integration, manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) approaches and systems are already established in delivery and production of our V1-R, V1-S and V1-Gara series models, currently available for pre-order and initially capped at 100 total available units. As a modern global brand, SM's payment systems are secured and enabled to receive multiple global currencies including US dollar (USD), the British pound (BDP) and the Euro (EUR), as well as various mainstream cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

About Soriano Motori Corp

Founded in 2020, Soriano Motori Corp is the US parent company of the EU division, Soriano Motori Factory SpA. SMC seeks to create a legacy of invention and modernization much like Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff did when he established The Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris, 1919 and posteriorly R. Soriano SrL in Madrid, 1939 as the First Spanish Manufacturing Company.  Well-seasoned EU & US electric propulsion engineers have recreated this motorcycle icon with today's state-of-the-art technology. For more information, please visit
With a price tag of 32,500 euros and a range of only 120 to 160 km (75 to 99 miles)  I don't see how this will be a success, unless taxpayers give huge subsidies to it.
Shooting the bull / Bosch developing motorcycle crash detect auto call
« Last post by Biketographer on June 26, 2020, 08:31:34 am »
  • Connected: With its new, intelligent crash algorithm, Bosch motorcycle sensor technology is able to detect accidents and set the rescue process in motion via smartphone app.
  • Effective: In some cases, an automatic emergency call can reduce the accident response time by up to 50 percent.
Stuttgart, Germany – When an accident happens, every second counts. The quicker motorcyclists receive assistance, the greater their chances of survival. The risk of being killed in a crash is still 20 times higher for motorcyclists than for car drivers. This has prompted Bosch to develop Help Connect, a digitally connected emergency call system for motorized two-wheelers that speeds up the rescue process. “Help Connect adds a digital guardian angel to the broad Bosch portfolio of motorcycle safety systems,” says Harald Kroeger from the Bosch board of management. The digitally connected emergency call system uses an intelligent crash algorithm installed in the vehicle’s inertial sensor unit to detect accidents. Via a smartphone app, Help Connect transmits information about the accident scene and the rider to the Bosch Service Center, and from there to the emergency services, helping them find the victim more quickly. An automatic message of this sort can cut the time it takes for emergency services to arrive on the scene by up to half (source: EU project Harmonised eCall European Deployment, I_HeERO).

Full article here:
CCS / ASRA Racing Discussion / Re: 600 in unlimited classes
« Last post by Woofentino Pugrossi on June 25, 2020, 06:23:55 pm »
Its not common, but have seen some. Tracks like Road America, well a 600 is gonna get its ass handed to it. Tight tracks, its not a big deal. I think the track record for unlimited and MW at Blackhawk Farms are only about a second apart.
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