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Shooting the bull / Re: Videos - Moto ST at Daytona International
« Last post by AlanDewey on Yesterday at 07:46:37 pm »
Shooting the bull / Re: Videos - Moto ST at Daytona International
« Last post by AlanDewey on Yesterday at 07:14:03 pm »
Shooting the bull / Re: Videos - Moto ST at Daytona International
« Last post by AlanDewey on Yesterday at 07:05:28 pm »
These are NOT in order.
Shooting the bull / Videos - Moto ST at Daytona International
« Last post by AlanDewey on Yesterday at 06:57:27 pm »
Surprised these videos still existed in my closet.

I will post them as I get time.

Bill Werner and Jimmy Filice

37th Annual Race of Champions ROC Challenge

At this time we are planning to run a purse only Team Challenge event giving you an opportunity for 55 laps of fun on the famed Daytona high banks. While tentatively we will run the standard format (GTO/GTU/GTL) but we are in negotiations with a sponsor to up the ante, considerably. Part of that negotiation are which rules package to run. Whether we use the standard Team Challenge, modified single Daytona SportBike rules or a GTO/GTU Dash for the cash,
CCS / ASRA Racing Discussion / Re: Daytona Race of Champions October 2020
« Last post by Biketographer on September 20, 2020, 08:18:09 pm »
Pre-entry form:

Garage Rental form:

Rider / Owner RV lot form:

37th Annual Race of Champions Update

After many weeks of discussions with Daytona International Speedway we have come to an arrangement that allows for the tradition of the CCS Race of Champions to continue for the 37th time. There are major changes due to the the changes made by the Daytona Beach City Council regarding the extra display and vendor restrictions that prevent the normal Expo outside DIS during the Biketoberfest Rally.

The main change is DIS will not have any vendor displays so access to the speedway will be restricted to racers, family, crews and staff members. No spectator tickets will be issued for this event. All participants are restricted to the Blue garage area, the Rider/Owner lot and overflow parking by the International Horseshoe. All tow vehicles must be removed from the blue garages to allow for maximum occupancy and access. Remember the Fan Zone and concessions will not be open so plan accordingly.

As we have stated, those of you that were entered for the March 2020 event are already pre-entered for the 2020 Race of Champions. Just remember you need to bring your gate pass from March 2020 event and exchange it for the current October ROC gate pass.

Camping is also at a premium since we only have 70 spaces in the R/O lot for rent. If you have a R/O pass from March 2020, it will be honored in March of 2021, NOT the ROC. Please read the ROC mailer for complete information on the R/O reservations.

If you had rented a garage in March 2020 and wish to use it for October 2020, please email Chris Middleton at and confirm that you want to use it. We will be in the Blue Garages and will limit the access to the paddock to just the North (Rolex) and South (International Horseshoe) gates. We will have to vacate the garage by 6pm Friday, 60 minutes after the last checkered flag on Saturday and then Sunday night we need to completely vacate the Blue garages 120 minutes after the last checkered flag.

Unfortunately due to ongoing and ever changing Covid-19 restrictions, the physical awards ceremony will not be held in 2020. What we will do instead is have a quick Victory Lane photo op for the winner of each class holding a generic “Rocky”, (Our CCS National Championship statue). That trophy will stay in Victory Lane for the next class winner to use for their photo so please don’t kiss Rocky, Covid-19 and all. Your class specific awards will be available in Suite B-2 as soon as the race is final. Engraved nameplates for ROC Champions will be mailed within 7 days of the event.
Bikes For Sale / Re: GSX-R 750 2012
« Last post by lmayhew on September 20, 2020, 10:11:47 am »
Yes it is for sale, and yes I have the racing bodyworkLocated 7 miles south of Spring Green, Wisconsin 53588
Bikes For Sale / Re: GSX-R 750 2012
« Last post by andersonesq on September 20, 2020, 07:12:18 am »
Hi, is this still for sale?  Do you have the race bodywork?  Where are you located? Thx, Barney
Shooting the bull / Biketoberfest 2020
« Last post by Biketographer on September 16, 2020, 06:54:33 am »
"If we don't have restrictions, and we don't have a safety plan, and people are coming anyway, how do we prepare?" asked Girtman. "How do we, you know, discuss what the needs are? How do we hold people accountable to anything, if we just say we don't want it?"

Girtman's colleagues agreed, including Councilwoman Billie Wheeler, whose coastal district includes Biketoberfest's traditional main event space on Daytona's Main Street.

"I would rather have the restrictions, rather than canceling everything and saying we're not going to be a part of it and just letting things happen," said Wheeler. "And I think now that the bars have been open, there's, you know, there's only so much that we can do."  ...
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