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Update, he passed sunday night. :wah:

RIP Boss.
Shooting the bull / Re: Picture of the Day
Last post by Biketographer - January 14, 2023, 12:25:54 PM
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Last post by Super Dave - January 14, 2023, 10:43:05 AM
Quote from: Biketographer on January 09, 2023, 01:10:23 PM"wow" ?   10 kW motor..... that is a whopping 13.3 horsepower.
Quite a bit more than most scooters, and, with a top speed of over 60MPH...that's pretty good against a scooter. 
Shooting the bull / Re: Electric / Battery Motorcy...
Last post by Biketographer - January 09, 2023, 01:10:23 PM
"wow" ?   10 kW motor..... that is a whopping 13.3 horsepower.

QuoteLAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2023 /CNW/ -- On January 5th, Yadea, the world's leading electric two-wheeler brand, made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, unveiling a range of new products and technologies in its 2023 product launch. As well as being the debut appearance for Yadea at CES, the product launch at the world's biggest tech event saw the US debut of the all-new high-speed straddle electric motorcycle series Yadea Keeness VFD and the high-speed pedal electric motorcycle Yadea E150.


The Keeness VFD model is equipped with a 10KW mid-mounted high-performance motor and features a maximum speed of 100km/h, and an acceleration from 0-50km/h in just 4 seconds. The battery utilizes automotive-grade ternary lithium technology and is equipped with an intelligent energy recovery electronic control system, which enhances power and extends the battery life of high-speed electric motorcycles. Also on show, the Yadea E150, a high-performance electric scooter that boasts a peak power of 5KW, a peak torque of 160Nm, and a top speed of 80km/h. Showcased throughout the exhibition, the Yadea E150 also features Yadea's innovative super-fast charging technology, meaning the motorcycle can be charged up to 80% full power in just 20 minutes.

Yadea also introduced its series of ebike models equipped with high-performance motors featuring a five-year warranty. The company has been in the ebike market for six years and has developed mature smart sensor motor technology, offering a smooth and powerful gear-shifting experience for riders. The Yadea Innovator, one of the models released at CES, is the company's first AI-powered electric folding bike and won the 2022 American Outstanding Industrial Design (IDEA) Award. The Trooper 01 model features a dual motor drive and rear hub motor technology with a peak power of 1000W and 750W, while the Camper model, set to be released in March, will also be equipped with the same motor.

Yadea is focused on establishing a complete ecosystem for electric vehicles and providing a range of products and services for American consumers as part of the company's strategic layout for the US market. Data shows strong growth in the electric bike market in the US, with e-bike sales seeing an increase of over 300% in the first quarter of 2022 and 4.8 million units projected to be sold by 2025. Yadea is well-positioned to take advantage of this growth, with a strong global presence and a mature product development resulting from significant investment in research and development. In the US, the company plans to distribute high-quality products through various channels, including retail stores, online sales, and exhibitions. It also plans to open flagship stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles and 100 Integrated brand dealer stores in the first half of 2023. In addition, Yadea will enter large-scale stores across the US, launch an online ebike independent website, and offer professional maintenance outlets and door-to-door services for after-sales support.

In addition to product launches, CES attendees had the opportunity to experience and interact with Yadea's products and technologies through various on-site activities. These interactive experiences were well received by attendees, who were impressed with the high level of innovation and functionality in Yadea's products.  The product launch also received media coverage in the US, with several journalists and technology reporters conducting on site interviews.

Yadea is accelerating its globalization strategy with milestones in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and branding. The brand is dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality electric vehicle products and technologies that enhance people's daily lives, aligning with its brand mission of "Electrify Your Life." Yadea's participation in the exhibition served as a strong opportunity for the brand, positioning it as a leader in the electric vehicle industry and reinforcing its dedication to globalization and green solutions.

About Yadea

Yadea is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electric two-wheel vehicles, including electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles and electric kick scooters. To date, Yadea has sold products to 60 million users in over 100 countries and regions and has a network of 40,000+ retailers worldwide. With a mission to help people "Electrify Your Life", Yadea continues to invest in R&D, production and global expansion to build a shared and sustainable future for mankind.
CCS / ASRA Racing Discussion / Re: ASRA 2023 Schedule
Last post by Super Dave - January 04, 2023, 02:08:42 PM
And here we go for another season!   :biggrin:
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MyLaps / AMB / TR2
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Last post by old.racer - December 30, 2022, 08:30:07 AM
Not motorcycle or racing related, but great news ! :rotfl: :boink:

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed its largest-ever financial penalty against a consortium of domestic and foreign companies in connection with a vast auto warranty scam campaign involving billions of illegal robocalls.

In a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture, the FCC has proposed a fine of $299,997,000 against Roy Cox, Jr., Michael Aaron Jones, and their 10 entities based in Panama and Hungary for making more than five billion robocalls to half a billion phone numbers during a three-month span in early 2021. The calls involved pre-recorded voice messages to pressure consumers to speak with a "warranty specialist" about extending or reinstating their vehicle's warranty.
The Cox/Jones Enterprise has been on the FCC's radar since at least 2018 when the entities ran what the Commission calls a "complex robocall sales lead generation scheme," designed to sell vehicle service contracts deceptively marketed at car warranties. But the significant spike in robocall activities in early 2021 led the FCC to issue its first ever "K4 Notice" and "N2 Order" that prohibited all U.S.-based voice service providers from continuing to carry robocall traffic originating from the identified entities.

The FCC estimates that the sheer volume of robocalls from the Cox/Jones Enterprise during early 2021 would have been sufficient for each person in the U.S. to have been called 15 times during the three months of its operation.

Read the FCC's Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture.
Shooting the bull / KTM recalls some Gasgas motorc...
Last post by Biketographer - December 24, 2022, 08:01:19 AM

Name of Product:
GASGAS Off-Road Motorcycles

An incorrectly programmed CDI box can lead to engine failure, posing crash and injury hazards.
Recall Date:
December 22, 2022

About 231 (In addition, about 40 were sold in Canada)



This recall involves 2022 GASGAS MC 250 closed course competition Motorcycles. Model number GASGAS MC 250 is printed on the side panel and/or rear fender. GASGAS motorcycles are red with a white GASGAS logo on both sides of the shrouds.

Consumers should immediately stop riding the recalled motorcycles and contact an authorized GASGAS Motorcycle dealer to schedule a free repair, which involves replacing the CDI box. KTM is contacting all known purchasers directly.

None reported

Sold At:
GASGAS Motorcycle dealers nationwide from December 2021 through August 2022 for about $8,200.

KTM North America Inc., of Amherst, Ohio
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Last post by Biketographer - December 14, 2022, 08:38:44 AM
MILAN, Nov. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Davinci Motor, a fast-growing Chinese manufacturer of high-performance robotic electric motorcycles, unveiled plans to expand into the EU market with the launch of its new two-wheeler DC100 at its press conference at EICMA, the world's leading exhibition of motorcycles, held from November 8 to 13 in Milan.

The company showcased its premium-performance DC100, developed using state-of-the-art technology in collaboration with the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.


"We are extremely excited to be officially launching in the EU market, which is strategically important for Davinci," said Rosanna Libia, Davinci Motor International Business Manager. "We are proud to introduce the brand and the DC100, the symbol of our craftmanship and innovation in R&D."

Davinci Motor first launched the DC100 in July 2021 in the Chinese market before opening its first manufacturing plant in Zibo, China, in August this year, with the DC100 already put into trial production.

With the launch of the futuristic DC100, Davinci Motor aims to bring users in Europe a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. The two-wheeler has been designed as a mobility solution that strikes a perfect balance between acceleration, speed, and range.

Using the Davinci app, new users can quickly get up to speed with the motorcycle's innovative features. Riders can place their smartphone on the phone holder and once in place, the phone serves as the user's interactive dashboard, becoming a navigation tool while providing information such as vehicle status, remaining range, and location details, to name a few.

Davinci Motor has worked tirelessly to simplify the DC100's controls. The intelligent control system seamlessly integrates multiple components while delivering instant and adaptable acceleration combined with responsive and intuitive controls. The smooth forward and reverse system, the uphill, and downhill assistance help the rider to control the vehicle and provide a max speed of 5 km/h and 7 km/h thanks to the perception capabilities of the two-wheeled robot DC100. 

"The DC100 marks a new era for electric mobility," added Rosanna Libia. "Our R&D team has created a new design combined with a new technology and a new riding experience for all users. We're excited to see what's next."

The company is taking pre-sale orders for the DC100, priced at 26,000 Euros. Deliveries for those who put down a deposit are slated between the second and third quarter of next year. Going forward, Davinci Motor is also preparing the groundwork to open its first showroom and central hub in Europe.

About Davinci Motor

Founded in 2013, Davinci Motor is an innovative technology company committed to exploring the research and development of robotic vehicles with a perfect combination of performance and ease of use. Davinci Motor's mission is to create an exceptional effortless joyful riding experience for all users, and the DC100 will make users achieve just that. For more information, please visit