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Title: Absolute Anniversary as first Motorcycles Ever on NJMP - Special Deals Announced
Post by: racer514 on June 17, 2010, 07:55:17 am
June 28 - NJMP Lightning Special Offer
All riders who Registered for 6/6-6/7 Get this Day for $125 Include your rebate!
All riders $150 Limited Riders per group
If 120 riders register for Monday 6/28 we will give all riders who rode $25 off their next Track day..No expiration! (Last year we made it Pass it on)
Include a set of tires with your registration and you save $40 off your day! (EX: $150 for 6/28 - $40 credit $110 for your day!

All Riders $125, All Schools Free on this day including Advanced! Free BBQ Lunch! Come celebrate the day when ACE was the first motorcycles on NJMP asphalt 2 years ago!