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Post by: MELK-MAN on September 29, 2008, 08:46:37 pm
You may have a national level race machine, or a stock machine for street use and the occasional track day. For less than the price of a rear tire, you can know if your injectors are flowing equally and as much as they can.
Don't spend $250 and up for dyno time without knowing if you have totally clean injectors that will flow equally. Mapping devices control all the injectors at one time (or all upper and all lower with Bazzaz) and results in some lean cylinders and some rich as the dyno attempts to correct the OVERALL air/fuel ratio. Ultrasonic cleaning and bench flowing gets the injectors flowing back to factory spec for better atomization of the fuel. This results in max power, better throttle response and a cooler operating motor.

checking spray patterns.. look pretty good.
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after ultrasonic cleaning the #4 injector on these gsxr injectors flowed 4ml more
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Post by: MELK-MAN on November 30, 2008, 04:41:43 pm
Here is a DUC 999 injector we just serviced for Kai at The Duc Shop..
Came in having after a tank that had sat in a paint shop for a LONG time gunked it all up. The filter basket on the injector was full of crap but lots of stuff got by. It leaked BAD when it shouldn't have and the spray pattern.. well it was a stream to one side not a spray at all. Took a LONG time with multiple sessions in the ultrasonic bath but it came around!

gunk in the filter basket.. replaced the basket.
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FLOW? what flow...not much of a spray pattern either. 
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after about an hour in the ultrasonic bath got it to flow.. but now correctly. Lots of large droplets.
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Also would leak BAD when it should hold at 3bar. (40psi or so..)
Can you say "hydrolock"!!
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ALRIGHT! Finally.. About 3 hrs total time but got er to flow. This thing moves a bunch of fuel. Big shower of spray from small holes in a circle above a conical tip. Not sure what a Ducati injector costs new but im guessing it is not cheap.
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