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Title: VP fuel at VIR June 21,22
Post by: ahastings on June 10, 2008, 12:02:10 pm
If you need VP fuel for VIR I will be taking preorders. preorders are preferred but not necessary unless you want something other then MR8,MR9, C12, or U4.2 in 5 gal cans. Pricing for 5 gal cans is as follows
U4.2 - $65
C12 - $60
MR9/MR11- $110
MRX01- $105
For preorders you can pay through Paypal or credit card over the phone or for pricing on anything else contact me at or 410-707-1861
I am the authorized CCS contingency vendor for Summit and VIR. You must purchase 10 gallons to qualify. Not sure where I will be set up, just look for the VP Banner. Will try to be in the middle somewhere. Planning on getting there Fri afternoon. Thank you.