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Title: Replace springs on a Gixxer front end?
Post by: tshort on April 26, 2007, 12:56:34 pm
My 05 SV has an 01 gixxer 750 front end that has been Raceteched.  I got lighter springs for it because it was set up for someone about 30 pounds heavier than me, but I've never replaced springs before.  A buddy did tell me once to make sure the front end was supported off the ground (he didn't do this on his dirt bike - pulled the fork cap off, and ended up with a fork spring stuck in the ceiling of his garage - doh! ::) ).

So - front end on pitbull stand - check.

Other than that, is there any trick to this.  My old sv just had preload adjusters in the caps, so pulling them off was not a big deal.  This gixxer front end has preload and dampening adjusters, so I have no idea what it will look like inside.

Thanks for any advice (and yeah, I know this is probably kind of a dumb question - but I'm a wuss on some of this stuff).
Title: Re: Replace springs on a Gixxer front end?
Post by: tzracer on April 26, 2007, 03:16:22 pm
Tom it would be best to get a manual.

I am guessing that you have USD forks. The springs are connected to the damping stack by a tube running up to the fork cap. Removing the fork cap will not release the springs as with damper rod forks. After the caps are loosened, push up on the lower end of the fork to expose the spring. You may need to fabricate/jury rig some tools to remove the spring. Generally the spring has to be pushed down to expose a nut inder the fork cap. Remove fork cap and now the srping can be removed.

I generally remove the forks from the bike. On my TZs I have loosened the fork caps with one hand under the lower t-clamp. With both caps loose I lower the bike (one hand is plenty even on a 250) to expose everything. I have a very thin open end wrench that fits under the nut that is under the fork cap (acting as a jam nut). This wrench holds the spring in place. I remove fork cap, carefully remove wrench, spring can now be removed. Reverse to install new springs.
Title: Re: Replace springs on a Gixxer front end?
Post by: eeky on April 26, 2007, 03:28:45 pm

It takes a spring compressor tool to remove the springs. If I remember correctly I paid around $100 for the one I have. You have to remove the caliper's, front wheel and fender. By the time you're that far you might as well remove the fork legs, take them to a shop  and see if they will let you watch the mechanic change the springs.

If they let you watch you'll know why you shouldn't be doing this.

I've seen you wielding tools. Its scary!  :biggrin:

Ed Key
Title: Re: Replace springs on a Gixxer front end?
Post by: Super Dave on April 28, 2007, 12:44:19 am
 :biggrin: :biggrin: