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CCS Racing Discussion / Re: Daytona gearing
« Last post by apriliaman on January 14, 2018, 10:43:40 PM »
On my lightweight class bikes I use most of the time a 1 tooth bigger in the front then on normal tracks and the same rear.On a 750 is much faster,you got to have a gearing so if your drafting you can gain a few mph and not over rev the engine.If it's too short you'll be in the rev limiter.
Bikes For Sale / 2017 Kawasaki ZX-10R, RACE PACKAGE
« Last post by Tornado Bait on January 11, 2018, 07:29:43 PM »
2017 Kawasaki ZX-10R, race package ready to win. Non ABS model. $14,500

There's more than just a race prepped bike here. Includes spares, extra maintenance items, and all the new OEM parts.

Located in Kansas City area. Purchased new in January 2017. Will be sold with MSO and owners manual. Odometer shows 508 miles. Only ridden weekends by an old man; two race weekends and a couple track days. Eligible for Kawasaki Team Green contingency through 2018. Includes the following:

-All OEM bodywork, fuel tank, lights, clip-ons, rearsets, etc. Removed with 0 (zero) miles and in pristine condition. Arctic white/Titanium color option.
-Spare set of complete wheels. The spare front was ordered new with OEM rotors.
-M4 exhaust with OEM titanium header.
-Manual Ohlins steering damper. The OEM electronic unit is just not up to race duty in my opinion, but will be included with purchase if buyer wants it.
-Two sets of Fast Frank captive spacers (one for each wheel set).
-Fast Frank quick change rear caliper bracket. New not installed.
-Traxxion AK gas forks.-Penske tripple clicker shock. OEM shock included with purchase if buyer wants it.
-Vortex clip-ons.
-Vortex rearsets.
-Vortex V3 black fuel cap.
-Vortex 525 steel sprockets for durability. Front 17, 16, 15 - Rear 39, 40, 41. Used with the 525 OEM chain.
-Extra 525 chain, new in box.
-Titanium Pro Bolt front caliper bolts, pre-drilled for safety wire.
-Titanium oil drain with magnet, pre-drilled for safety wire.
-Titanium rear axle nut. It's pretty and I needed something else to get free shipping.
-PAIR valve block off and all other emissions deleted.
-Woolich ECU flash kit with USB M v3 package. Allows ECU tuning as many times as you like and unlocks all race functions.
-Cordona quickshifter designed for Woolich flash kit. OEM quickshifter included if buyer wants it.
-Several extra sets of Vortex V3 dual carbon brake pads, made by SBS.
-Several extra oil filters, BikeMaster brand.
-Armour Bodies bodywork with superbike tail. Repaired after NOLA crash, but not repainted. Damage was primarily left upper.
-Woodcraft frame sliders. They're positioned well to do a proper job on this bike.
-Woodcraft brake lever guard.
-BikeMaster swingarm spools/sliders.
-BikeMaster lithium battery.
-Rain light per CMRA rules.OEM wire harness has not been molested and still uses key to start.

Message here or contact me on my cell if interested. 913-nine nine nine-0054
Commercial Classifieds / Winter TESTing at Nola // Trackday 15th of Jan 2018!!
« Last post by motonola on January 10, 2018, 01:58:08 PM »
Registration ends in 4 days on January 14, 2018 6:00 PM CST

Anyone with a motorcycle can enjoy the tracks and facilities of NOLA Motorsports Park. Whether you are a race fan, driver or rider, we have a place for you. NOLA Motorsports Park offers everyone the ability to use our tracks for recreational or competitive use. The cost for this event is $150.00.
Come celebrate the MLK holiday by pounding around the track!
Registration/Check-in opens at 7am the morning of the event (located behind the flagpoles at the front gate).
If you have any questions about bike prep, gear, rules, etc... please contact Clint Austin at or Reginald Marshall at 
Online registration closes at 6pm Sunday January 14, 2018.
Bikes For Sale / Re: 2015 ZX6R 636 $8000 Street and Track
« Last post by MotoracerX on January 07, 2018, 03:06:29 PM »

Price is definitely negotiable......will remove some race parts if you need a lower price.  I am in Tampa and can help with transport as far as the Florida/Georgia line if that helps.  Really need to sell my toy as I want to buy a house. Open to offers.
Bikes For Sale / Re: 2015 ZX6R 636 $8000/ Negotiable Street / Track
« Last post by MotoracerX on January 07, 2018, 03:04:44 PM »

Price is definitely negotiable......will remove some race parts if you need a lower price.  I am in Tampa and can help with transport as far as the Florida/Georgia line if that helps.  Really need to sell my toy as I want to buy a house. Open to offers.
Spidi Track Wind Pro Replica race suit
 - with Spidi Back Warrior Evo - back protector
 Euro size - 48
 Only got the chance to wear the suit for a total of 3 track day weekends.


Bikes For Sale / 2011 Suzuki GSXR 750 - Nashville
« Last post by DandyJandy on January 02, 2018, 12:26:54 AM »
 Asking $10,500 - Currently in Nashville, TN

Having Trouble with adding pics - will provide upon request until fixed.

-          Originally built by Mark Junge VESRAH Racing
-          Endurance prepped for CCS / WERA
o   Suspension Refresh by Marietta Motorsports
-          Low Sides - 2
-          Vesrah/Junge Build:
o   Supersport engine build
o   Yoshimura EM Pro
o   Motion Pro Throttle Kit
o   Catalyst body work
o   Speigler Brake Lines
o   Vesrah XX Pads
o   Traxxion AK Gas Forks
o   Penske Vesrah Spec Rear Shock w/ Piggyback
o   Vortex Rear-sets
o   Yoshi slip on and mid-pipe
-          Endurance Build
o   Bazzaz QS
o   Full Safety Wire
o   Dry Break Fuel Tank w/ overflow reservoir
  5 gal ATL fuel canister
o   New Levers
  Clutch lever subsequently damaged works but should be replaced
o   New Accosato Master Cylinder
o   Quick change rear by Fast Frank
-          Misc
o   Stomp Grips
o   Wind Screen
o   Yoshi case guards
o   GPR steering damper
o   Brake lever guard
o   Yoshi Frame Sliders
o   Cox Radiator guard
o   Clip ons
-          Extras
o   Spare rear rim / w/tire
o   Front brake assembly
o   Front brake lever
o   Rear axle
o   Sprockets
Bikes For Sale / 2014 Aprilia RSV4 Factory - Nashville
« Last post by DandyJandy on January 02, 2018, 12:24:29 AM »
Asking $11,750

Currently in Nashville, TN


-          Purchased and race prepped by AF1 Racing
-          Recent service and new STM slipper clutch from Huey at Marietta Motorsports
-          X2 low sides Homestead and Daytona
-          Aprilia race parts swapped for stock by AF1
    * ES51-32208-44 Esjot Alum 520-44 Hard Anodized Sprocket
    * PU12230039 DID Chain 520ERV3x120
    * FH-RSLV4APRC Reverse Shift Lever For V4 APRC
    * CRGFoldingBrake_RA... CRG Folding Brake RADIAL Black (0614-0298)
    * CRGFoldingClutch_C... CRG Folding Cable Clutch Black (PU0613-0351)
    * Ohlins01091-36 Ohlins Spring 57/160/105
    * FDB2218ZRAC Ferodo ZRAC Front Pads RSV4
    * OEECRSV420102GBR RSV4 Clutch Cover Protection
    * RM150-0001 Rhino Forkslider Kit / Aprilia-Duc
    * RM150-0005 Rhino Rear Axle slider kit / Aprilia Ducati
    * PU09300096 PSR Air Inj Block Off Plates - V4
    * MPX168 Pipercross RSV4 Air Filter MPX168
    * GREXA-14RSV4-CETC Graves Carbon Slip-On for V4
    * Rizoma Brake Guard
    * Case Guards
-          Misc
    o   Cox radiator guard
    o   Cox oil cooler guard
    o   STM slipper clutch
    o   Prepped to CCS / WERA race regs / rules
-          Extra Parts
    o   Front Internal Spings stock (1.00?)
    o   Rear Spring stock Ohlins .95
    o   CRG Front Brake Lever
    o   Air Filter
    o   Manuals and keys
Shooting the bull / Happy New Year!
« Last post by ymracing on December 30, 2017, 07:19:43 PM »
Wishing all y'all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

Bikes For Sale / 2015 ZX6R 636 $8000 Street and Track
« Last post by MotoracerX on December 27, 2017, 06:17:18 PM »

2015 Zx6r Non-ABS  $8000
approx 6,161 miles, only 50 are track miles from FMRRA New Racer School 12/16/2017. Never raced or track days. Just did the school. Bought this as street bike in September 2016, in Atlanta and just rode on the
street. Started track day prepping it in June 2017 with everything bought brand new. Finally did the FMRRA new racer school on Dec 16, 2017.
Great bike and great power. Plans have changed with fiancee and buying a house. Clean Florida title in my name. All stock wiring still intact. Can be
both street bike and race bike. I have pretty much purchased everything you will need to go straight to the track. I did some safety wiring too. Open to offers.

-GPR V4 Stabilizer (purchased new 2017)
-woodcraft clipons (purchased new 2017)
-vortex rearsets (purchased new 2017)
-crg brake & clutch shorty levers (purchased new 2017)
-woodcraft brake lever (purchased new 2017)
-front and rear wheel spacers (purchased new 2017)
-shogun no cut frame sliders (purchased new 2017)
-gpr V4 steering dampner (purchased new 2017)
-gbracing full protection engine guards/both sides (purchased new 2017)
-r&g tank sliders carbon fiber (purchased new 2017)
-woodcraft 50mm clip ons (purchased new 2017)
-zero gravity windshield (purchased new 2017)
-stock 520 chain n sprockests
-twobrothers racing slip on exhaust
-galfer front pads  (installed new for FMRRA racer school )
-galfer SS front brake lines (purchased new 2017)
-Pirelli SC1 front and rear (purchased new 2017) (100miles street / 50 miles track)
-stock suspension front and rear
-GP shift for track
-hotbodies race bodywork
-renthall superbike grips
-drippin wet novice number plates without numbers (I just passed the new racer school)

*spare street parts; headlight, clip-ons, rear brake lights,foot pegs, passenger foot pegs, front fender and any extra parts I can find for it you can have.

*2015 ZX6R comes with the 2 different power modes and 3 different traction control modes

*more pics

Bike is located in Tampa, FL
Lamont (713)855-1076
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