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Is Kawi still offering the 300?
CCS Racing Discussion / Re: Kawasaki did it again - messing up ultralight classes
« Last post by Zaph on Yesterday at 08:27:43 PM »
It's just Kawasaki one-upping the R3 with a larger engine.  It's kinda stupid.  Instead of making a better bike, they just make a bigger one with the same 1980's crappy fork design.  I would have been really impressed with Kawasaki if they had kept the bike a 300 and added adjustable USD Forks, but they took the easy way out.

And for what it's worth, I wouldn't mind the R3 in GT300.  Having been behind a few of them at the track here and there, I see it's pretty close.  Just keep the RC390 out of those 300 classes and all is well.
When introducing the 400 I don't thinks Kawi even considered racing when making their decision. With dwindling sales of the 600's the manufacturers are turning to the small bike market in order to fill that void. The smaller bike will be easier to afford both in purchase price and insuring it, hopefully boosting sales,  and the profit margin will most likely be higher for them. It cost almost the same money to build a 600 as it does a 1000 but the 600 is sold cheaper to attract buyers and fill the middleweight category.
Shooting the bull / Re: Request
« Last post by ymracing on July 19, 2017, 07:30:47 PM »
Best Wishes.

I've been riding for 35 years on the street and it took less than a year to have someone turn in front of me.  Since then I have had 2 sayings that kept me out of trouble 1) cagers are unpredictable 2)ride like you're invisible.  That's all any rider on the road needs to know.

And you still may get hit.
Shooting the bull / Re: Request
« Last post by ymracing on July 19, 2017, 07:29:29 PM »
Hope things are well.

He's doing fantastic..thanks for asking!
Shooting the bull / Re: Unclaimed trophies
« Last post by barb_arah on July 19, 2017, 02:41:53 PM »
One final reminder before Blackhawk, if you have trophies from past events, please make sure to pick them up at Blackhawk, or make arrangements to have them picked up.  We will be sending all unclaimed trophies back for recycling.
 :biggrin: Yep,I was saying to finally let the R3 in the 2 other 300 classes........but I understand CCS's initial holdout since its 321cc,and everytime one of the manufactures bumps up wee bike displacement,they've gotta change the rules. But at this point holding the R3 out of UL thunderbike and GTUL is past its validity.......imho. Especially if the ex300 does in fact get bumped to 400,which at this point is still speculation.
CCS Racing Discussion / Re: Kawasaki did it again - messing up ultralight classes
« Last post by vance on July 18, 2017, 06:39:21 PM »
There are a few that run here in FL.  Nobody protests mainly because the grids are so light I think everyone is happy to have another bike on the grid. I run my stock FZR400 in vintage not because I have a remote shot but because I hate to see two bikes on the grid. The playground has to remain open and I hate to see any class discontinued. 
I will say the few that run here are well sorted and always win

Edit: Brit I just read your post CORRECTLY :). I thought you were saying let them in to 300GT and 300TB because technically if you read the rule book they're not even allowed in those two classes. They're over the displacement. This has never been addressed because in my opinion most people think that's a fair match up with the ninja 300. We know from the Jennings Endurance races the RC390's are clearly ahead of both the R3 and ninja 300.
Good point on the ridiculous holdout for bikes no longer made. Time for the R3 to be allowed in ultralight thunderbike and GTUL!!! Seriously.
CCS Racing Discussion / Re: Kawasaki did it again - messing up ultralight classes
« Last post by vance on July 16, 2017, 08:13:18 PM »
And welcome to the world of the 250 racers 4 years ago.  The 300 guys will have a hard time making the same argument we did with the 250's and that is "Keep this class the way it is for a bike that is no longer made."  Assuming the 400 replaces the 300 and they don't continue both lines.
And for the record I still race a 250 against the 300's and the R3.  It is what it is.  If you want true parody, you almost have to move to the 600 or 1k classes.
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