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Author Topic: 2003 Yamaha r6 FOR SALE (LOADED)  (Read 146 times)


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2003 Yamaha r6 FOR SALE (LOADED)
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:08:07 PM »
What is up ccs mates, in recent time i have decided to move on from road racing to pursue other hobbies life offers. With that being said i now am selling my steed.
first up some a bit about the bike. It comes with a (bike bible).  i have owned his machine since july 2015. since then i haven't spared any expense of maintaining this beast. majority of its work has been cared for by (TURN ONE RACING). ive spent well over $10,000 in miscellaneous stuff  i have plenty of receipts to support the build of this bike. every goodie you can think of is on this bike, literary maxed out. trans logic quickshifter, woolich ecu maps, velocity stacks, dampner, rear sets, gear indicator, brake bias adjuster, list goes on and on
engine work, transmission work, chassis refreshes, suspension, the complete overhaul.
the amount of spare parts i have for this is just insane, extra cables, rotors, calipers, bars, levers, sprockets, axles, swingarms,  3sets of wheels, complete separate front end set up, 4 set of bodywork, 5 tanks, 5 sub frames, the list goes very deep. im sure you understand how much we can accumulate over the seasons
the midset was to have a bike just as competitive as a brand new one, if not close
even though it is an 03 i have turned lap times just as quick as some of the fastest experts. i have taken many 1st 2nd and 3rd place finishes.
there is a small market left for these 03's so if you want to know more either message me on here or feel free to text/call me.

i wont be asking much for it as i understand how the market is for the yzf r6, however i value the spare parts. meaning that id be willing to send you a complete list of every part i have, since there are 4 total large tot boxes full of parts. their you will get a good idea of what you are all getting with the bike.

bike alone ($2500)
with spares ($4000)

i also have many take offs and a some fresh rubber, (all bridgestones)


james muncie
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